Thursday, August 07, 2008


Is God Medicine.

I slept last night, not all night, but I woke up far fewer times than I have been recently. I did manage to have some Buffy dreams (Spike and I got into an argument about his newly dyed black hair being stupid looking) and woke up from those feeling confused. All in all it was a good night though.

I got out of bed at 652 and Livvie woke up at 653. That sucked. I'm so used to having time to myself in the mornings, and I really enjoy it.

Last night after I took the Seroquel I passed out in my clothing, and Rich left me that way. He could have been kind enough to wake me up so I could get changed. As it is, I'm still wearing said clothing, because even though it's 1 o clock I still haven't showered yet and have no plans to until later today.

My mom is coming down from NJ to visit with us on Monday, so I might not be around much next week. I'll try to post when I can, but they'll probably be short posts. 

Have a great Thursday everyone!


Safeena said...

Personally, I worship at the pharmaceutical altar.

LizB said...

I wasn't sure if that was a typo or your intent, but God medicine definitely works!

Dagny said...

SO glad you got some sleep.


Annie said...

Happy you got to rest. Rich needs a few lessons in being a gentleman :-). He could take those
lessons from Mr.Dagny :-).

jennyquarx said...

Glad you slept!!

Kimber said...

So glad you are finally getting some Z's!

Have fun with your mom next week! I will miss you!

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