Sunday, August 03, 2008

Post #2: WOOHOO!!!

My Lamictal went generic.

It's now known as Lamotrigine. It was easier to say Lamictal.

Regardless, It's only $20 a month instead of $40.

This rocks. Truly.

I ran out yesterday and didn't have one to take this morning so Rich stopped at the pharmacy on the way home from work and picked up my scrip. I had requested generic if they could get it, and lo and behold they did. 

It's such a small thing to get excited about, I know, but still, there it is.

Have a great Sunday!


LizB said...

Cool beans about your drug going generic. Saving money is definitely a good thing! Hope your loneliness has abated, too!

Em said...

You are allowed to get excited about small things!

Dagny said...

Kick ass.

Cyn said...

Generic is great!