Saturday, August 02, 2008

Oh dear

So last night Rich went to the gas station to buy beer. The kid who bought the truck was behind the counter, and the night manager was there. The night manager asked Rich whatever had become of the truck, and Rich said, "I sold it to the kid." Manager said, "What kid?" Rich pointed and said, "That kid." At this point he noticed the kid making NO motions with his hands and head.

So why wouldn't he want the manager to know he had bought a truck?

We can only think of one reason, and it ain't pretty.

When he bought the truck he handed us 9 100 dollar bills and the rest was in 20s. OLD 20s. Nothing new like you get at the bank.


Now I'm freaked out that we might have accepted stolen cash for our truck, and we already paid the truck off with it.

I hope we're wrong. I really, really hope so.


Cyn said...

Oh no, I hope not. Perhaps there is another explanation. Did the manager say anything after Rich's comment?

Annie said...

I hope not too, but how could you know? This is the kids responsibility. However, if you do find out he did steal the money then it also becomes yours.:-(

Kimber said...


Kelly said...

Oh man. Let's hope that isn't the reason.