Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Deluge

So the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay started hitting us yesterday. It started out calmly enough, a bit of rain here, stop, a bit of rain there. In the evening we had a bit of a downpour, but it stopped fairly quickly and it went back to simply annoying spitting.

This morning there was no rain at first. The ground was still wet from yesterday, but it was dark and ominous outside. In fact, it was so dark that both Livvie and I slept until 730. Normal for her, unheard of for me.

At about 9am the skies opened up. And when I say that I mean a virtual monsoon started. It was insane. The yard was fine at first; the water was being soaked up by the ground, which is a Good Thing. Fairly quickly though the yard became saturated and our drainage ditch could no longer keep up. The yard started to flood.

Then the gravel driveway began to flood, and when it did it formed a literal river that was rushing toward the backyard. I actually saw water breaking over the gravel like miniature white water areas. Tiny insects could have surfed in it. Rich came and got me to point out the back yard. The river had formed back there too, a foot deep, and Livvie's old baby pool from when she was tiny had floated all of the way to the back of the yard on the currents.

This is supposed to continue all day today and through tomorrow. Our shed will flood. The house that the cats live in will flood and they'll have to go up onto their shelves to get away from the water. God forbid that their litter boxes flood. 

So today will be spent indoors. I was going to take Livvie out to play in the rain, but not in something like this. This is insane.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


Dagny said...


I am sure glad that is not here, my basement would not be able to handle that


Annie said...

Yikes is right. I hope the flooding does not do any damage.

Cyn said...

Does the water have some place to leave your backyard or does it come into the house? Eeek!

catherine said...

Holy cow, sending good vibes your way, hope no other damage comes of this. Keep you and yours safe, and I'll be thinking of you. <3<3<3

Safeena said...

Wow. When it rain...hopefully it drowns the cicadas.

How's this for surreal - this morning I dreamed of an old two story house in NC that was deluged by a storm. We had to move all the yarn, fiber and cats upstairs to the attic where it was bright and sunny.