Friday, August 15, 2008

Bummer, Man...

Mom just left. I always miss her even more after she's been down here and she leaves. 

While she was here we:

Went to the grocery store where she spent $79 on us.

Went to Target where she spent $96 on us.

Watched Golden Girls.

Watched Turner Classic Movies. I got to see Greer Garson and Gregory Peck. That was fun.

Watched a whole lot of Law and Order, SVU.

Watched Cash Cab (are you sensing a trend?)

Played with Livvie.

Actually ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I made her scrambled eggs yesterday.

Dealt with Livvie either not napping, or napping very late in the day and going to bed late.

I think that's it.

It's nice of her to spend so much money on us but not necessary. However, a bunch of stuff she bought at Target was for Livvie's birthday, so I guess that's acceptable. She bought the groceries because she wanted to take us out to dinner, and neither Rich nor I really felt like going out to dinner this week.

Livvie is already looking for her. She recognized her when she got here, which was awesome. She was good with my mom. She didn't let her hold her, but then she barely lets me hold her anymore either. However, Rich and I were out smoking one day and Livvie clocked her head BAD, and she let my mom pick her up to comfort her. That's a Big Deal.

Sorry I've been missing all week. I'll try to do better now that I'm alone again.

Have a great Friday everyone.


Dagny said...

I'm so glad you had such a nice time.

I'm jealous. I dont' even know what that would be like.

And wonderful Livvie is being a sweet grandkid!! Go Livvie!!


Annie said...

Sorry your missing your mom...Hugs.

Annie said...

I meant you're, geez I hate that you can never edit your comments

Cyn said...

Glad you had a good time with your mom and that Livvie recognized her.

Em said...

Nice to hear that you had a good time. My mom always spends money when she visits me too... and when I visit her for that matter. I guess that's a mom for ya!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great visit! I bet it was hard to see her go.

LizB said...

I read your post about your mom telling cancer to beat it -- awesome. Sounds like you have a great relationship with her; wish I was that close to my mom.