Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Old Friends

So yesterday I joined Facebook and reconnected with about 6 friends of mine from high school. Including an old boyfriend that I dated for 4 years. It's been awesome. I'm finding out about their lives (ex-BF has 2 kids and is married), and I'm getting to tell them about how boring my life is.

The odd thing to me is that from my class of '89 there are no girls that I was friends with. Granted, most of my girlfriends were in the class of '88, but they're nowhere to be found either. It kind of sucks. I'm talking about Stacey and Barb, 2 of my best friends ever.

Stacey was hysterical. She used to make me laugh so hard I'd get sick to my stomach. Barb used to call me Julie Bully (after Wooly Bully). We used to go to ChiChi's for the dollar drafts and the all you can eat hot wings, and that was an absolute blast. I drank a LOT of beer. Ate a LOT of wings too. Imagine that.

When I left NJ to move down here to NC I lost touch with both of them and I don't know why. I wrote to them a few times but the replies kept getting fewer and farther between. I was heartbroken. I really do miss them so much.

One good thing that came out of all of this is that I reconnected with my friend Dan. Dan also used to make me laugh so hard I would almost barf. He's just as funny as he ever was, and I really need that in my life right now. Things are just so stressful that I need some relief.

Anyway, if you want a trip down memory lane, join Facebook. You probably won't be disappointed.


catherine said...

Hi Julie! I'm Nina's pal Catherine. I just tried to 'friend' you at Facebook with no luck. I hope you'll find me using my email or 'Catherine Thatch' if you feel like it :D

catherine said...

(I should add: I tried using 'email search', but it didn't come up with anything from either of the two emails listed on your sidebar. I figure you must be using a different email.)

Em said...

I just joined facebook, but have limited my "friends" to mostly family. I have joined with my married name so how would friends from high school even find me?

Cyn said...

You also got to reconnect with me...who you had not chatted with in half an hour. :-p

Annie said...

Actually I have found only relatives and a few blogging friends like you. To tell the truth
I hate Facebook because of all the crap. But I am happy to be your friend :-)cause I love ya :-).