Friday, August 29, 2008

What I Need

Every day I need some silence. EVERY DAY. I try to get up in the morning before everyone else does, and on those mornings I succeed I enjoy myself immensely. I sit in the dark with my coffee and my internet, entering drivel into my journal, and relishing the quiet.

On days when Livvie either doesn't nap or naps very late I practically lose my mind. Even if she's being good, it's still an awful lot of noise to take for several hours a day, and I need some time. Some time for me, with no TV, no noise, just blessed silence.

This morning I got up at 635 and Rich got up at 7. I had 25 minutes to myself. Can you imagine if that was the only time you had to yourself all day? This is why it's important that Livvie takes a nap each day. Unfortunately today I'm screwed, because even though she's asleep, Rich is home and so I don't have time to myself. Twenty five minutes today is all I will have.

Granted, at night Rich spends a lot of time in his office dicking around on his computer or working, but it's not the same as being alone. Alone time is necessary to recharge. It truly is. I loved living by myself simply because of this. That's not to say I don't love being married, because I do. But dammit, give me some time.

I'm in luck. Rich is outside now doing something, so for now I have the house to myself. I'm going to enjoy every second of it. Because it will end all too soon.

Have a great Friday. Catch you tomorrow.


Dagny said...

And that is why we are friends.


I go insane with too much stimulation.....need my quiet time.


Safeena said...

Oh god, yes. Quiet time in not a luxury, it's an absolute need.

i hate it that CatDaddy now comes home for lunch every fricking day.

Hate it hate it totally interferes with the flow on online dicking around.

Em said...

I completely understand.

Annie said...

I do believe silence is the reason I am still not married :-). I need many minutes, hours a day alone.

Cyn said...

As an introvert, I HAVE to have alone/ silent time. Only 25 minutes a day would not be close to enough. how do you do it?