Saturday, August 16, 2008

Calling all moms:

This is going to be about discipline. I'm on a forum for moms, and one of the hot topics right now is how to discipline your toddler. Well. We're lucky in that Livvie rarely throws tantrums anymore just for the sake of throwing tantrums. However, she DOES do things she's not supposed to, as all kids do. Here's my way of dealing with it:

I tell her no.

She stamps her foot and hollers, "DAT!!!"

I tell her I don't care.

She sometimes does it again. "DAT!!!" If this happens I tell her I don't care again. She'll either give up or throw a screaming fit. If she throws a screaming fit I ignore it. If she throws something at me she goes into time out. Usually if I ignore her she stops within a few moments, but sometimes if she's tired it escalates and I end up sticking her in her crib for a nap.

Now, I do have to admit she's gotten a couple of light spankings when she's flat out defied me and did something dangerous. And she got a good swat on the hand one time when she wouldn't stop turning the knobs on the stove. These were more about my fear than about discipline, and I know that. I can count on 3 fingers the times I've used corporal punishment on her, so I'm assuming that's not bad. I'll trust you to tell me.

So, how do YOU, or I should say DID you discipline when your kids were toddlers? And did it work? Or did you just end up more frustrated?


Cyn said...

All I know is, next to impossible to discipline a ferret. Believe me, I have tried, much to my mom's amusement.

When mom gets mad, it is incredibly funny to a ferret. At least mine think so.

Karen said...

We did the following: Time out; time in your room sitting on the bed; no dessert; no watching favorite show; and standing facing the wall without moving for x amount of time on the timer. And as they get bigger, no privlidges, ect...

And frankly.. I think what MY DADDY did with the belt was far more effective. And I wish we could have done that as well.

IM not much help. Sorry.
But if its any help, those were all suggestions from our childrens therapists. (my daughter is Bipolar) so.... that is professional advice. Free! Love the internet! ;o)

sara said...

i think what you are doing sounds perfectly fine, honestly. punishment is about keepign them safe and teaching them the proper way to behave.

with ozzie, it was all about the time outs. they worked like a charm. with zoe, it was about confiscation of toys (especially when she throws them in anger).

i think you are doing everything right.

Em said...

We've done time outs... but with toddlers depending sometimes you just have to redirect... I'm not a fan of spanking although I have one or two times for really bad behavior. Looking back, I'm sure I could have been more creative... but I'm human, we all are.