Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More adventures with wildlife...

As I was leaving the house this morning to walk Emma one of these <--- landed on my foot. Be proud of me, for I did not in fact scream. I was so tired that I merely shook him off my foot onto the deck where he remained for about half an hour. Yes, he's disgusting. Yes, cicadas are annoying when they buzz. But I thought I handled myself pretty well given that I HATE BUGS.

By the way, that photo is life sized.

Do you know cicadas? They shed their shells from their baby stage and leave them lying around just about everywhere, usually attached to something. Those shells even have legs. When I was a kid we would find those shells and nefariously attach them to the back of someone else's clothing. It was pretty fucking funny. Of course, I've "grown up" since then, and now I wouldn't even consider picking one of those nasty things up.

This year the cicadas have been a bit quieter than normal, probably due to the fact that the summer has been relatively cool. Usually they're at their loudest when the next day is going to be blazing hot. I'm pretty sure that no one knows why that occurs. Anyway, this one was the first adult one I've seen this year, and for that I'm glad. Usually they end up lying on the deck upside down as they die for some reason.

In other news, we still don't have our car. It was supposed to be delivered on the 12th, got pushed back to the 18th, then to the 21st, and when it didn't arrive then they said it would be 4-5 more days. Well, today is the 5th day, and we haven't heard a thing. Rich is going to call Carfuck today to ask him what's going on. The hold up was that apparently no stereos are installed in Japan, and when the car got to Florida the stereo was on backorder. Rich told Carfuck that we'd take the car without the damn stereo, and that we'd install one ourselves. We managed to find a 2008 Yaris stereo on eBay for $100 including shipping, so we bought that. Rich plans to install it himself. That should be a hoot.

GIven that the car is bare bones without even a rear windshield wiper, I don't think Rich should have to live without a stereo. Apparently that added $399 to the cost of the car, and since we already have the check cut from the bank we're going to need the dealership to refund us the $399. That should be a hoot as well. Rich is going to tell them to cut that check before we even go to pick up the car so we won't have to wait around at the dealership for that to happen. They'd better damn well do it.

Have a great Tuesday everyone. I'm going to try to avoid the local fauna today.


Em said...

We have a few cicadas in our back yard that make all sorts of noise... I haven't seen one though and after that picture I'd rather not.

Annie said...

We have cicadas here too, they were very quiet this year, which is a good thing. I don't mind them though. I like bugs :-).

Cyn said...

Not terribly gross of a post. I was afraid this would be gross as in Livvie diaper adventures.

Kelly said...

My grandma used to have TONS of those on her birch tree at her old house. They were LOUD. I never got close enough to see one up close like that. And it was in your house and on your foot?? EWWWW!

Sorry about the car, dealerships are horrible! I just hate them and the whole car buying process.