Saturday, August 30, 2008


Of this past week.

1.) Encountered poisonous snake and almost moved it because it was pretty.

2.) Did not in fact get our new car. It's been over a month.

3.) Dealt with Livvie not napping or napping very late in the day.

4.) Yard flooded.

5.) Cat house flooded. Their air conditioner went out. Luckily it went back on when we replaced the extension cord.

6.) Attacked by cicada in own bathroom.

7.) Cleaned litter boxes by dumping them and starting over. That was fun.

8.) Dealt with flies in the shed. Talking about 100 of them. Either something died in the shed or the cats killed something in their house. Lovely.

9.) Emma peed in the kitchen overnight again.

10.) The week ended. Thank God.

Have a great weekend everyone.


catherine said...

Whew. I'm glad you guys are all in one piece! Well, here's hoping the next week makes up for this in spades. You're due some happy karma at this point. Thinking of you, take care.

Cyn said...

*Sends silence and free time*

Em said...

Wow... that's quite a week.