Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our New Car Adventure

Yesterday was AWFUL.

Our car finally came into the dealership and we went to go pick it up, Livvie in tow. We should have begged my best friend to watch her. She was an angel at first, a very ACTIVE and running around kind of angel, but an angel nonetheless. Well, the genius salesman offered to let us take Livvie into the kids' play area, which was basically a closet for 5&6 year olds. We took her back there while we waited, and finally the finance guy came and got me. Rich stayed with Livvie.

The paperwork was fucked up, because they owed us $410 since the car was delivered without a stereo. The salesman had never put in a check request for that, so I had to wait in the office while they went to get that accomplished. When they came back the finance guy tried to talk me into re-financing with their company. Um, no. We went with our credit union on purpose. So I signed a whole bunch of paperwork and then he gave me the 30 day tag and told me to wait for the salesman to put it on. I went to let Rich and Livvie know that it was time to go.

Livvie threw a FIT. She had crayons in her hand and would not let go of them, screaming like a banshee and kicking. In retrospect we should have simply stolen the crayons, but that didn't occur to us at the time. So we pried the crayons out of her hand (this kid is STRONG) and Rich carried her out to the car, kicking and screaming the whole way. I waited for the salesman.

When he came to put the tag on the car we discovered that when the car was made they neglected to put screw holes in for the license plate. Lovely. So while Livvie was still screaming in our car the salesman had to take the new car to the garage and have the plate installed. I went back to our car to wait, and Livvie was a nightmare. I gave her her bottle. No. I gave her a triscuit, NO. So she continued to cry and carry on until finally the salesman brought the new car back and it was truly time to go.

Rich drove the new car home and I followed him in the Es-cah-pay. Livvie was fine. She calmed down, and even ate her triscuit. So we got home and I put her to bed for a nap, because by this time it was 3pm and she was overtired. No Go. She cried for 30 min before I gave up and got her out. I said screw it, and decided to just put her to bed at 6. At 530 she was acting tired, and when I asked her if she wanted to go to bed she put her arms up so that's where I put her. She fell asleep quickly, woke up whining for half a second at 639, and then went right back to sleep again.

So yesterday sucked. I was so stressed out I was shaking by the time we got home, and I had a splitting headache. Thank goodness it all ended early. And now we're the proud (HA!) owners of a cute little Yaris.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


Annie said...

Oh my, sounds awful. I am glad you finally got your car though!

Cyn said...

Wait the phantom car actually exists? Took ages to get to you. I would have thrown a fit like Livvie did over the car taking forever personally. Then again I am not the most patient person. At least yesterday is over and hopefully Livvie takes a nap today.

Em said...

Congrats on getting a new car. :-)

LizB said...

I remember, when the kids were small, how even a trip to the grocery store could be an ordeal if they were cranky, sleepy, hungry, or any of the other perpetual states of being for babies and toddlers. What a day! Glad you got your fuel-efficient car, though.