Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post #2: JFC

That's right. JFC.

I just sat down on the toilet and a cicada fell off my leg. This time I DID scream. Actually, it was more like a yell. A blood curdling yell if that's possible.

Imagine if you will a grown woman running around the bathroom with her pants halfway down, trying to avoid the flying and flapping insect that was 3 inches long.

Imagine her running out the bathroom door, slamming it shut, pulling up her pants and buttoning them. All the while yelling.

Imagine her grabbing a plastic drinking cup and a Tupperware lid. Creeping back into the bathroom to find the hideous creature on the floor. Slamming the cup down over the creature and then sliding the lid under it.

Now imagine her carrying said cup as gingerly as possible out the kitchen door, extending her arms as far as they would go, and releasing the lid and shaking out the cup while running backwards.

Imagine how her throat hurts now.


Em said...

ewww... I got chills reading that.

Cyn said...


Safeena said...

I can imagine you doing all of those things with you fabulous new red blonde hair.

catherine said...

omg! eek! ack! My eternal sympathies! I am glad you are rid of that thing!

squirrelgirl said...

*snort* Sounds a lot like my sister. She actually cancelled a big picnic a couple of years ago because the cicadas were swarming. I guess I'm lucky because bugs, spiders and snakes don't bother me. I live in Florida and we have LOTS of those things here.

Dagny said...