Tuesday, March 11, 2008

General Updates

Yesterday went fine with The Kid. She took an afternoon nap and then went to bed at 720 and was asleep by 745 I'd say. This morning she let me sleep in (which I needed) and woke up at 815. Rock on. Crossing my fingers that today goes as well.

The reason I needed to sleep in is that I managed to get a fully fledged cold. Coughing, nose issues, the whole shebang. I drank NINE 16.9oz bottles of water yesterday to stay hydrated. Nine. I was out of juice or I would have been drinking that. I had gotten over the throat thing a few days ago, and I guess it didn't shut the door on the way out because the cold virus gave a YIPPEE! and ran right in. Awesome.

I still don't have my new meds (Geodon) because by the time their order came in i no longer had the funds to purchase it. I'm still on the Seroquel for now and doing great. I love it. I don't want to stop taking it, which is something I'd like to discuss with Headologist #1 at our next appointment.

Rich has been honoring the coffee mug agreement and has been using only his own mugs, or my least favorite ones if his are in the dishwasher. This is good because it keeps me from snapping unreasonably in the mornings over what really would be a non-issue at any other time than 730am.

Does anyone have any questions about other things they'd like updates on? I'm feeling kinda poorly and just don't have it in me to write a full post today, but I'd be happy to answer questions as the day goes on. Thanks y'all. I hope to be myself again soon.


Dagny said...

Feel better soon.

And what colour socks are you wearing?

Do they match?

Julie said...

I have no socks on. I am wearing green fleecy slippers with fake rabbit/squirrel/beaver whatever linings.

If I put socks on later they will be white but probably won't match. We have a Sock Bag. Rich has over 100 pair of socks and I refuse to match and fold them, so he lives out of the Sock Bag like a homeless person.

That's where I get my socks. I rarely wear socks, so I just steal his.

Dagny said...


I fucking KNEW you weren't wearing socks!!

Annie said...

Be better soon...Sending a very large hug.

Woodrow said...

I don't have a question. I'm just commenting to show my support for word verification being turned off.

Michele said...

dang, I'm sorry you are sick!!! I hope you get better quick!

Julie said...

Thank you everyone!