Thursday, March 06, 2008

Still Sick

I crashed at about 830 last night. This is after having fallen asleep in the recliner WHILE Livvie played in the living room. Great mom huh? At least Rich was home to make sure she didn't kill herself somehow.

I woke up at about 640 this morning because I couldn't swallow at all anymore. Once I was vertical and tried a few times swallowing resumed, but it's still pretty sore. None of the broken glass feeling of yesterday, now it's more like an ache.

So where are all of my friends? I know I end up getting up super early because of the kid, but there's not a single soul on IM anywhere. Rich is still in bed and I have no one to talk to. I'm very sad about this, since as you probably all have guessed I love to talk. Anyone else up this early? Does anyone get up while it's still dark and need a bud to drink coffee with? My MSN IM is AIM is simply MarinaVert. Nina refers to me as Vert, and that's ok too.Y'all can call me whatever you like on your buddy list. Yes, I'm whining again, this time for company. I hate being sick. I really suck at it. Especially since I can't take days off to lie in bed and read and watch Lord of the Rings.

I've already had my two allotted cups of coffee, and Livvie is still in bed. Other than the being sick thing, this is a perfect morning. I thought for sure she'd wake up early this morning because she went to bed late and I figured she'd only sleep 11 hours, but it's already been 11 and a quarter. I'm hoping we can make it to 8am. I love my morning time alone when I get it. I love catching up on email, reading blogs, drinking my coffee, going outside and watching the traffic jam...oh wait, yeah. Not that bit.

One time I stood and watched the traffic jam and I counted SUVs. In the space of 5 minutes 25 of them went by. Another time I counted the number of people on cell phones in 5 minutes, and 32 of them went by. I also counted the lady applying eye makeup for good measure. It amazes me that we can basically live in the boonies, but since we're on a main road we get this phenomenal amount of traffic. I would love to move somewhere with a small house and say, 7-12 acres where you have a twisty turny driveway that takes you far away from the road. We're fairly close to the road here, most of our land is in the back yard, and if we have our blinds open everyone can see all up in our bidness.

Ok, I'm going to close this meaningless, cold medicine inspired post now. I hope everyone has a fabulous day, and try to stay well.


Dagny said...

I am so sorry for sleeping in this am! I blame A for hitting snooze too many times! heh.

Glad you got some you time today.

And feel better soon.

salt water!!! ;)

Em said...

I never use AIM or MSN, I'm a googletalker. . .

I hope you feel better soon, that sucks!