Saturday, March 01, 2008

Willing to Try Anything

Clockwise: cookies for offering, rosemary annointed candle for change, blessed salt, goblet of water, white candle for purification, plate of herbs (verbena and clover on the edges, tobacco in the center), second white candle for purification.

Like I said, willing to try anything.

Michele and Jennyquarx, if you could light candles for me today that would be great. Thanks.


Nina said...

I have candle lit for you. Mine features St. Jude.

Annie said...

I will think good thoughts and light a candle when I get home from work.
Good luck!

LizB said...

Is this for the brain or something else? That may sound sarcastic but I don't mean it that way; I'm truly curious. I'm not a witch, bad or good, but I am very interested in spiritual pursuits. When I can, I participate in a local fire circle for healing.

Julie said...

Thanks for the candles ladies.

Liz- I've always imagined that magic is mainly mind over matter, no matter what you're "asking" for. Even when you're doing it for someone else, if that person knows about it then they'll have faith that they can accomplish something. It doesn't always work though. Just like anything else.

I do believe that the Goddess can hear us and help out a bit, but I also believe, like with God, that she wants us to make our own paths.

So we'll see what happens. Hopefully if I look at the altar each time I want a smoke I will be dissuaded from smoking.

Michele said...

I will definitely light a candle for you!!!

hey, and maybe it doesn't matter, but tobacco is the main offering for native american helper spirits, and really, who'd turn down some extra help. just a thought!

jennyquarx said...

Consider it done!

Good luck!!