Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time for The Curtain Call?

I had a rather long post accomplished here but Blogger ate it, so this one will probably be much shorter.

Livvie has 19 episodes of Little Einsteins that she watches. EVERY DAY. To say it's wearing on my nerves is an understatement. I now know all of the dialogue by heart, I can sing every "song," and I even know at the beginning which composer and artist will be featured. 

However, lately it seems that Livvie is getting rather sick of them as well. She seems to be making it through 1/2 to 3/4 of each episode before indicating that she wants it off and wants a new one on. How does she do this? By going over to where the remote is and whining. A lot. So I get up, switch to the next episode, and we start all over again. Ok, this is good. Wait, maybe not. Change it please. NOW. Ok thank you. No wait! Etc...

I'm not certain of what to do here, because currently the only other thing she's interested in is the Wiggles. I only have 5 episodes of those saved that she's familiar with and likes, so that takes up maybe 2 hours of the day. And even with those, she knows when each of them is about to end and whines for me to change it to the next one. This cuts 25 minute episodes down to about 22 minutes. It's starting to suck.

I ordered the Disney Princess DVD for her, and my mom bought her The Electric Company DVD while she was here, but I'm not sure how we'll do with those given that there's so much talking involved. She hates talking. She only likes singing. I do have a couple of the Disney sing along DVDs for her which she showed no interest in before, so maybe I'll break those out and see how they fly now. Otherwise I'm at a loss.

Not to say I'll miss the Einsteins, because Lord knows I can't stand them. But they did manage to keep her entertained and occupied for about 6 months, and for that I'm very grateful. 

Maybe I'll even try Beauty and the Beast. Oh wait, too much talking... Why every movie can't have a song jukebox on it is beyond me.


Dagny said...

I think you should get her every Star Trek episode ever made. I mean ALL trek. That would keep her entertained, AND provide a future Trekie, a much needed commodity. ;)

Michele said...

I agree!!! LMAO

Or, wait! get her the musical Buffy episode!!!

Annie said...

Julie, I really feel for you, about ten years ago I babysit for a child and after she was too old to sleep all the time and before she was really talking I had to entertain
her and I so know how boring it was!
I am sorry to say I have no ideas to give you. Hugs

sara said...

try Blue's Clues.

very low on the annoying scale, cute songs, no shrill voices.

stay away from Dora or Diego. they are so annoying you will want to poke your eye out with a fork.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if this will help, but given my track record of "helping", I'm going to go with No. But just in case; When I was younger (not Livvie young) my cousins had VCR tapes (remember those?) of compliations called KidSongs. There were at least a dozen different half hour tapes and they sang real songs and danced and it was just awesome. I'm going to ebay that shit right now.

Michele said...

OH! I found those Kidsongs videos on DVD at Walmart for a DOLLAR EACH!!! at my store (a super walmart) they were up front, in a checkout aisle that had a bunch of stuff for $1 including videos (Kidsongs, classic cartoons like Looney Tunes and such) and other junk.

Jen is right, there are 5 different ones... They are all Kidsongs, but they have themes. Manners, Friends, Lets work Together, Animals and Water World. I have 3 of them and Kevin does like them.

jennyquarx said...

Yeah on Once More With Feeling. Have you tried that again (or do you not have Season 6)? Do you remember when Deacon was really little and I would have to sing him the whole soundtrack like three times a day? He still loves it. And also The Sound of Music, especially the yodeling. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Dagny said...

Blues Clues worked like MAGIC for my niece. Seriously.

Julie said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We've tried Once More With Feeling recently and it didn't go over well. Too much intermittent talking.

It's a shame, she used to adore the Buffy theme music and dance to it in her Bumbo when it came on. Those were the days where I could sit and watch anything I wanted. Hell, she even loved the theme music from Angel.

I'll try the new DVDs that are coming first, and we'll see if they go well.

sara said...

here's some more movie ideas...

fantasia II
mary poppins
other disney movie not princesses- 101 dalmations, lion king, etc

laurie berkner was always a big hit here too. you can get a DVD with the music videos.

Anonymous said...

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