Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Two things.

First, Rich is going to work from home today and watch Livvie while I see #1 at 2 o clock this afternoon. I'm going to put her down for her nap at about 1 and see what happens. Hopefully she'll be asleep by 130 when it's time for me to leave. This is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders, because although it's only a 15 minute appointment and #1 LOVES her, it's a lot easier on me simply to not have her there. I'm looking forward to this.

Secondly, I am going out tonight. All by myself with my best friend. Apparently some old friends of ours play bar trivia from 8-10 some Tuesday nights, and tonight is one of them. We were invited. So I asked Rich if I could go and his response was, "I guess..." so off I'm going. I'll put Livvie down at 730 and get home at around 1030. I'm pretty sure Rich will be in bed when I get back. However, I get to have cheese fries and wings tonight, so I'm excited. Of course, that will be followed by the worst heart burn known to man, but it's probably worth it. I haven't gone out for an evening since well before Livvie was born. I've seen a few movies here and there, done a few lunches, but that's about it. I get to go to a BAR! Without a baby!

I've managed not to cough overnight for 2 nights now, so maybe this crud is on the way out. I have to tell you it was getting very old. Sleeping on the new sofa so as not to keep Rich awake all night was extremely uncomfortable. It's comfy to sit on, but let me tell you if you ever visit for a night we'll be putting you on the futon in the office.

That's about it folks. Oh, except Livvie let me sleep in until 809 this morning. So that was very helpful. Maybe it'll be an all around better day today. Wouldn't that rock?


Em said...

Awesome! Have fun!

Dagny said...

YAY for going out tonight!!!!!!!

*happy dance for you!!*

That rocks, and you so deserve it.


jennyquarx said...

Sounds like today is going to be a good day!! Have fun tonight!!

Annie said...

Have a wonderful time on your well deserved outings :-)!

Nina said...

Get obliterated for me. Oh and give Xris and Ted hugs for me. They are fun and nice, even if they are no longer nice on each other.