Saturday, March 01, 2008

By Request: Totally Lame and Totally Bwee

Ok, so my daughter (see left) is almost 18 mos old and still can't talk. Oh she used to. At one point she could say Book, Hat, and Up. Somehow she lost those words and replaced them with babble. Her babble consists mainly of D sounds. This is also bizarre, because she used to know many consonants. She also uses vowels a lot, her main one being E.


A while back she started with a new "word." This is one that's apparently shared by kids, but I'm assuming the meaning is different for each.

Her word is Bwee, and it means she's pissed off. If she's REALLY pissed it comes out as Buh-weeee. This word is used when she doesn't want to nap, when she can't reach a toy, when she hurts herself, when you close the baby gate, when it's time for bed, etc... However, this is interesting. From Urban Dictionary:

Bwee Bwee: The action of when most likely a wimp will be crying or moping making bwee bwee like noises.

I'm fairly convinced that she isn't going to lose this word. She'll be 18 years old and it'll become the new slang in her school. "Oh that is SO bwee. Bweetards. I'm just so bwee about this homework that I could just bwee."

Now, I could be worried that she isn't "really" talking yet, after all, some kids start talking at 9 mos even, but I'm not. First of all I'll start worrying if she turns 2 and doesn't talk yet. 2 seems reasonable. Also, the fact that she's inventing her own vocabulary seems pretty impressive to me. We're working on words every day. Once again Up, Book, and Hat, but we also work on Bottle, Snack, Cookie, and Eat. All she does when we try is laugh at us. Apparently words are hilarious.

She's supposed to have about 20 words by the age of 18 mos, but that just isn't going to happen unless she wakes up one morning and just starts. Again, not gonna happen. So we keep working on her words, and one thing we do is encourage the use of Bwee, because it clearly tells us that she's upset and not just whining for the hell of it. Which she does. Often.


Annie said...

She sounds just fine to me :-).
I did not talk until I was almost 2 and I have not shut up since :-).

Dagny said...


That post was so totally bwee. I could die.

Bahahahahaha. :)

Michele said...

I've heard of a lot of kids not talking till two. And they don't have any kind of developmental issue.

have you spent much time around two year olds? I have. When they talk, apparently saying complete sentences, I did not have a clue as to what they were saying. Their moms did though. So I really don't put much stock in what "They" say kids "Should Be Doing".

I was reading something somewhere, wish I could remember where. That it's not as imperitive to get them to talk and say a lot of words as it is for them to UNDERSTAND what is being said to them. It said that at the 15-18 mo stage, they may not be able to talk or communicate well, but they should be able to understand a heck of a lot more than their parents usually give them credit for. It was recommending that parents avoid using only baby talk, and not be condescending and to talk to the kids normally, so that their normal comprehension develops quicker. That felt right to me.

Em said...

My son said his first word at 20 months old. It was "goggy" for doggy. It wasn't even mommy! But, he talks non-stop now. . .at least at home but that's another story.

Good for you for realizing your child hasn't read the books telling her when she should start using words. She's got her own timeline.