Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well this sucks

I have to go to the grocery store this morning. Aside from the fact that I'm once again freaking out about driving (even though I took the meds for it last night) I have to deal with "Brian."

Brian is always there. He is a comic book geek, and the first few times he saw me I was wearing a Spider-Man T-Shirt and the next time a Captain America T-Shirt. Unfortunately they're a bit tight, and I had no idea because I'm stupid, but he was staring at my boobs. The reason I know this now is because Rich has gone with me a few times, and he has caught him in the act.

Brian always tries to make small talk with me. Every time I see him now I feel like I need to take a shower afterwards. He always makes sure he compliments Livvie, and that makes me feel even more creeped out. Do NOT look at my kid, Brian. I swear to God, do NOT look at my kid.

He once gave me a business card that had the information for his website on it. I threw it out when I got home. Every time I go in there now he makes it a point to ask me if I've visited it, and I always make up some excuse for why I haven't gotten a chance. I once told him I wasn't on the computer very much (as if) and that if I got a chance I'd check. The next time I went in he let me know that I wouldn't be able to see it for awhile because they were switching servers. Um, Brian, that takes about 5 minutes to do.

Brian stared at me so hard last time that at the end of the transaction he asked me if I had a grocery store discount card. I had given it to him at the beginning of the transaction. Lovely.

So today I'm hoping against hope that he won't be there. Really. Because if he keeps this up I swear to God I'll end up punching him in the face. And then washing my hand.

EDIT to ADD: He bagged my order today. And he made such an obvious point of not looking at me that I think last time Rich must have given him The Look. 


Dagny said...

He sounds totally EWWWWWWWWW.

I hope you get to avoid seeing him today.


jennyquarx said...


Well at least Rich helped out in that department.

What a weirdo.

Cyn said...

Good that you have a man unit to do that sort of thing.