Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Lord

The Exxon down the road is out of Coke Zero. I nearly freaked out. Then I almost drove back down the other way to the Citgo station and checked there. In the end I bought a regular Coke, hoping it wouldn't put 10 pounds on me with one sip.

It's been recommended that I blog today about my experience the other day with Livvie's PJs. 

She is 18 months old and grew out of her 18 month pajamas. I went on eBay last week and won her 5 pair of 24 month pajamas. Two pair arrived, and they looked enormous. I put a pair on her and it fit perfectly. So I gathered up all of her 12 and 18 month pajamas and bagged them up. There were 17 pair total.

I went on Freecycle and posted them. Within 5 minutes of posting I had someone interested. Within 20 minutes there were 3. The first person let me know that she could pick them up within 2 hours, and I said that was fine. I then proceeded to go look at the 12 month ones every 10 minutes or so. Livvie learned to walk in them. It was breaking my heart. I knew they had to go though, because we're so short on space.

The very nice lady came to pick them up, and I had to hand them over. I felt good that someone could get some use out of them, but I was still a bit upset. What did I do to take care of that?

I cleaned out all of her drawers of all of her clothes that no longer fit her. There are now 3 bags sitting on the futon in the office waiting to go to work with Rich on Wednesday for his coworker who has a 6 month old. I saved 3 pair of pajamas, 2 onesies, and oh, also her Carolina Panthers sleeper. I'm not sure where to put them, but they were my favorites from when she was tiny and I need to hang onto them for awhile.

The best part was that in going through her bureau I found 2 drawers full of 18 month sized clothing appropriate for spring that a friend of mine handed down. Rich's mom had sent her an entire box of 18 month clothing for Easter, but all of it is lightweight summer clothing and dresses (we don't do dresses. I have nothing against dresses, but this kid is wayyyy too active for them to be appropriate). Now we have about 5 pair of overalls, several shirts, and lots of pants to get us through until May or June. Rock on.

So there's my tale for today. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, and I'll see you all in about a week. Thanks for reading. Love to you.


Michele said...

I'm with you, it's so hard to put away or give away those couple special outfits that remind me most of when Kevin was tiny, when he did so much for the first time.

Sorry to hear about the lack of coke zero!!!

Dagny said...


for Mom.


Annie said...

I bet it is hard to let go of those
clothes, I can only imagine. Good for you, and I am glad you kept a few too :-).

Cyn said...

My mom kept a few of my clothes, then gave them to me. Now I have dresses and my brownie uniform and no clue what to do with them. I have some of my old toys too.

Have a good week!