Monday, March 03, 2008

Post #2, Meme

Nina has tagged me to particpate in a meme. This is a rather interesting one, and I'm required to tag 5 of you in turn.
The meme is that you need to turn to page 123 of any book, and then quote the 5th sentence on the page either in a post of your own or in my comments. Then you get to tag 5 people as well.
Here's mine:

"The new boy in town, the one who had a traveling salesman as a father."

I hereby tag






Hope you participate!


jennyquarx said...

I've got a good one for you:

"The Meat doesn't know," repeated Macha.

Can you guess the book?

Dagny said...

Here's mine!

"Then what'll we do?" Uncle John asked.

Annie said...

I'll have to do this one tomorrow as I am at work and not home with my books :-)and my computer at home is
being weird...

Anonymous said...


Wow, that's an exciting one.


LizB said...

"Piece of wood hit Sister in the back, she in the bed." (Great book by Susan Straight called I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots."

Annie said...

Here is mine, finally :-)
Juan began to talk, and the unexpected sound of his voice jarred me.-Carlos Castaneda-The Power of Silence.