Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Back

We woke up this morning to this. Granted, not that bad yet, but there's definitely a thin coating of pollen on the vehicles. The bad part is that it also got damp overnight, so the pollen is stuck quite firmly. Awesome. This is early. About two weeks early, so I'm fearing we're going to have a pretty horrendous spring.

The Bradford Pears are also losing their flowers, and yesterday it was snowing white petals everywhere. It literally looked like a blizzard. The maple tree has leaf buds, and so do all of our flowering shrubs. The azaleas  look like they'll be blooming in about 2 weeks. We've had an abnormally warm winter, and there have even been bees out there all winter. Bees. We had bees in January.

My sage plant that I trimmed down is actually putting out leaves already, and I estimate it'll be full sized in about a month. The Parsley from Another Planet never died this year at all. It seriously looks like the drought isn't affecting the herbs, which makes sense when you consider that herbs are simply weeds that we plant on purpose.

I need to rake the leaves out of the garden sometime in the next week. I also need to transplant my giant lavender, rosemary, and wormwood plants into the back circle garden that we ended up with after we got rid of our above ground pool. I'm not certain when to do that. I would assume the best time would be after rain, if we ever get any. I'm hoping desperately that the plants won't be harmed in the move. If we sell the Fuckingboat I told Rich that we'll be spending quite a bit of money on plants this year. The circle garden has a 15 ft diameter. It needs to be filled.

Last year the deer ate my caladium, and the bunnies ate my ornamental grass. I'm not sure what to do this year about that even though I planted a lilac tree in the center so as to deter deer. Apparently it wasn't big enough to work. Any good ideas for deterring deer would be welcome at this point, as the plants aren't cheap and having put all of that work into planting only to have them grazed down really pisses me off. I even put out corn for them last year and after they were done that they moved onto my plants. Awesome.

I might even ask Rich to watch Livvie tomorrow so I can get a start on things. I just need to get out there.

EDIT: While Livvie was napping today I managed to dig up all three herb bushes and get them transplanted in the back circle garden. I am filthy and have to wait for Livvie to wake up to shower. But I'm happy. :)


Dagny said...

I am so jealous that you get to even think of planting and growing!!!


//as I look out on the snow covered scene, with more falling.......when, oh when will it end?? LOL

But sorry about the pollen, that stuff is pretty sucky. But not something I have to worry about for a few more months.

Again, bitch.


jennyquarx said...


I'm with Dagny. Bitch.

It's melty here but it's going to take awhile to melt 100 freaking inches of snow.

But on a lighter note, have fun working on that stuff!!!

Annie said...

Happy gardening. We can't do anything here until the end of May. I do all the gardening at work and love it! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I could hate you so hard right now...but I won't.

Because you're awesome and everything.

I'm happy you got to play in some dirt today.

Erin said...

I am so happy that you are filthy today!! I know you have missed being out there.. I am jealous too.. Living in an apt, there is no planting... :(

Cyn said...

I hear a shotgun might deter the deer. :-p

That is great you can get outside and plant. Been cold all day here and the sun is finally showing up. However a new Dr Who is about to start and I am going to watch it. I wish I had lavender and lilac around my apartment. Can they be grown on my balcony do you think? Faces west.

Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh thanks for reminding me about the caladiums....I love them!!!!!!!!! I am going to get some as soon as we get rid of our "F..boat". Funny thing...we have one for sale also (grin)......but the $$$$ is going to go into an even bigger F...boat (giggle). Thanks for stopping by and saying hello today.

Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh, I had to come back. I just read this on another blog:

"Save that Hair! I know you are going HUH? No kidding! Where our garden will be is in a field. Behind that field is about 4 deer. When Human Hair is sprinkled around the outside edge of your garden, Deer tend to stay away due to the Human scent. When it rains, pick up the lumps and ruffle with your hands and it should be fine."

Em said...

Awesome! I'm glad you got out there.

Julie said...

Please don't be jealous! We've had allergy issues all year due to this. PLus the fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are going to be awful this year.

Danielle- I'll try that after my next haircut. I wonder if dog hair would work too.