Friday, March 28, 2008

Sigh Part 2

Mom is gone now. She left at 9 this morning and I am already bored and lonely. It's a tiny bit stressful having her here due to the tiny size of our house, but at least I have company.

Both Rich and Mom want me to get out and meet people. This would prove to be rather difficult, as I can't stand people on a general basis. Especially the moms I've met down here. Have I mentioned before that I joined a Mommy group / play group last summer and got kicked out? I apparently didn't participate enough. Leaving aside the fact that all of their "events" were always held during Livvie's nap times, I also didn't email enough. What was I supposed to say? I tried to keep up with the kids' birthdays, but there were too many of them and it just got old.

Also, in order to get into that group I had to be recommended by another member. Can you believe that? The other problem with most of the groups here is that they require dues to be paid. For what? I can't imagine why you need to have money saved for snacks etc when everyone should be able to provide their own. It's just ridiculous.

So I'm just not sure what to do. I started my own local message board for socially misfit moms and posted the link on Craigslist, and got 2 new members within 2 days. However, neither one of them is posting. One of them didn't even introduce herself, so I have no idea who she is or what she's looking for. The other one did introduce herself, but she lives so far away from me that I doubt we'd ever end up getting together. It sucks.

So I guess the point of all of this is that I will continue to be bored and lonely, waiting each day for my internet friends to get online so I can have adult conversation, and hoping that someday I'll meet a like-minded person with a kid near Livvie's age who might want to go to the playground together. Or something.


sara said...

julie forget the mommy groups. is there a Gymborie or Little Gym or something like that you can take livvie to mommy & me classes? that way, it is low pressure socializing. and there is more of a mix of parents- not like the snooty playgroups.

also the warm weather is right around the corner, so you can go to the playground, or even just being outside feels less... prison-like.

i sure wish i were closer. i'd have a playdate with you anytime...

Cyn said...

Just take her to the park.

Nina said...

You do have friends. They are just the same one you had before you got married and had a baby, which means that while you might still like those people, you have less in common. People don't understand the stress of parenting until they actually do it. (So I am told). I'd sign Livvie up for classes - swimming lessons, art classes, music, etc. and try to meet other moms that way. Or you can just continue to talk to me all day. I am fine with that, too.

Michele said...

Uh... where do YOU like to go? book stores? Library? is there a pagan store there? garden stores?

Leave the money at home and go places that you like to go as well as places that Livvie can play. Do both types of places. Sooner or later your going to see other moms just like you, with a toddler. Strike up conversations with them till you find one or two that are more like you than the uppity mommy groups.

When I go to the library or books stores or where ever, I have no intention of shopping... I just let Kevin run, look at things, whatever. I might have the stroller with me, but I try to find places I don't have to contain him, don't have to keep him quiet. We go plenty of places that he has to stay in the stroller.

And you know what, don't worry about whether or not you actually do find someone to talk too... you will be getting out, and that will keep Rich and your mom happy.

fluffingthevoid said...

Every tuesday night is trivia. This weeks categories were sci/fi, the ncaa tourney & mythology. 4th again. All because I mixed up my roman and greek gods.
we'd love to have you back, especially if you know the age at which people in Logans Run had their light go on or what sprung from Medusa's headless body and who cut it off.

Dagny said...

yeah, I was thinking classes too. What about swimming lessons? Mom and me type crap? Maybe after meeting a million moms you will find one that you have something in common with. I have to believe she is out there, near by you, feeling the same way.

Anyway, I am sorry, and it sucks.