Saturday, March 08, 2008

what the hell are you shaking for im the one she's going to eat

That, folks, would be the actual Google search someone used to land on my blog overnight. I just checked. There is NOTHING in Google that mirrors that phrase exactly. So this morning I'm sitting here wondering what the fuck this person was searching for? Are they writing a song, and they needed to make sure those particular lyrics weren't taken? Is it a phrase that came to them in the middle of the night and they were wondering where they heard it? I'm totally flabbergasted over this one.

I totally get the searches for say, Little Einsteins that end up on my blog. It makes sense to me. Here's another one I don't get though. In the past month and a half I have had literally 28 people from all over the world including Manitoba and Stockholm and somewhere in Brazil land on my blog by searching for this image. It wigs me out. Why on God's green earth would Anya from Buffy suddenly merit dozens of searches for a photo of her singing? (Yes, I said Buffy. So I love Buffy. And yes I figured out how to get Buffy into a post about gardening. Back off.)

My favorite all time Google search that ended up here was when someone Googled "Mike Rowe Shirtless" and ended up on a post about Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs. Watch it sometime) being competent and therefore sexy, and how my husband is at his sexiest when he's in the middle of competently working on a project and emerges all shirtless and sweaty and manly. I Googled images of Mike Rowe shirtless and only found two. I'm sure whoever that original person was kept clicking on links like crazy (there can't be just 2!!).

So for today, I ask you to come up with an explanation of "what the hell are you shaking for im the one she's going to eat." Anything at all. No matter how strange, because it really couldn't be made any weirder.


Dagny said...

I have no clue.

that is completely bizzare.


Nina said...

I have no idea. Perhaps the person is breast feeding? I get some terrifying search terms. "Tight foreskin" is a regular producer of hits. How sad is that, especially when you consider how long it has been since I have been in any kind of proximity to a naked man? Very.

Annie said...

Perhaps whoever was searching was about to be eaten by a she wolf and the fella next to them was shaking.
However, if you were going to be eaten by a she wolf would you have the time to do a search on the internet? So, probably that is not it
:-). By the way how do you find out
what searches have brought people to your site? I am a newbie and have no idea how to do that.

Julie said...


If you subscribe to they'll track everything for you, including who is on when. You can also (like I have) put a button on your blog so that you can just hop onto your stats quickly and see who's on. They'll give you the html code for that. My button is at the very bottom of my page. You can look at mine too.


Cyn said...

How do you know who searches for what online? How were you alerted? I am clueless here about that phrase.