Sunday, March 09, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me...

There are tree ambulance chasers. Yesterday afternoon I went out on the deck to smoke and stare at The Tree (and yes, it still dangles) when a pick up truck pulled into the driveway and a guy got out and said, "Hey! You want us to take that tree down for you?" I think I blinked a few times and then I said, "No thank you, we have the power company coming out. Besides, it isn't our tree." He said ok and then gave me his business card for any future tree emergencies. 

So. The power company never sent anyone out yesterday. I'm getting this feeling that I'll have to wait for Monday after all when that particular office is open to report "tree on power line." Lovely.

What else can I say on a Sunday? Is there anything else going on?

I guess one thing I can mention is that with the time change we're screwed for Livvie's bedtime. She's been going to bed at 630-7 for months now, and even at 630 it's still dark. I guess not anymore. I'm going to have to attempt to put her to bed while it's still light out and I'm not certain that's going to work. She totally associates the dark with sleeping, and at least at bedtime there's rarely any fuss. Many people have mentioned black out curtains, and it might be worth giving them a try. Tonight should be interesting though.

PS...I've noticed that many people are clicking on the photo of the rainbow on the left hand side of my blog, right under the photo of Clancy. That's the rainbow he sent me 3 days after he died. In February. How many rainbows do you ever see in February?

I was going to leave you a photo to start your day (or finish it) but Blogger is unfortunately being recalcitrant. I guess I'll try again later.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...


Good word!

I'm sorry The Tree still haunts you. And perhaps tinfoil on the windows in Livvie's room would help? It's cheaper than curtains and plus it gives you that "we're totally growing pot in here" look that neighbors just love.

Dagny said...

Damn that tree.

And I love the rainbow Clancy sent you. What a sweetie.


Annie said...

Good luck with that tree...Monday will soon be here. I too love the word "recalcitrant". The rainbow story about Clancy is lovely.

Michele said...

lmao... tin foil on the windows. :D

I love that rainbow too. What a wonderful sending. I got a dream from my Sam on the 3rd day.