Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Rich just went back to work after 4 days off, and it's bizarre not to have him here. Mom is still here and will be until Friday, and she's pretty much disturbing Livvie's world. It sucks. Livvie basically ignores her until the last day she's here, when she's finally used to her and warms up a bit. I feel terrible for my mom in the meantime. I'm an only child, she's 77, and this is her only grandchild.

I actually won the princess video last night for $5.82. Not bad if I do say so myself. Especially since it's new condition, and there were used ones Buy It Now for $9.99. I've spent way too much on eBay in the past few days, but mom was encouraging me, I needed a lot of it, and I hate paying full price.

Speaking of, I scored 2 crib sheets for Livvie on clearance for $8.95 a sheet. One has the Bat Symbol all over it and one is Spider-Man. I'm excited about those. I also managed to get a white flannel one on eBay for about $10 with shipping, so we're finally set for sheets and I'll be able to change them more than once a week now. I'm sure she'll appreciate that.

Mom is napping, Livvie is napping, and I'm alone for all intents and purposes. Otherwise this post wouldn't have happened. Since I did manage to get my butt into a pair of jeans the other day and go get the bread crumbs, today I plan to make up for it by staying in my jammies all day. I'll take Livvie out onto the deck today instead of to the play ground, and I have to put a turkey into the oven at 130. Yep. Turkey dinner tonight. Mashed potatoes, possibly some Pepperidge Farm stuffing instead of my usual home-made sausage stuffing, and some green beans. I'm pretty excited about that too.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday. Take it easy folks.


Dagny said...

OH!! I am excited for your dinner too!!! Can I come over????? Please???

LizB said...

I always ask myself why we don't make turkey more than a couple of times a year; I love turkey with all the trimmings! Sounds good.

Cyn said...

Dinner sounds yummy!

Michele said...

ooh, that does sound good.

nice scores on ebay!

jennyquarx said...

How was dinner? Have any leftovers? :)

Em said...

My husband is addicted to ebay. And I agree with everyone else, dinner sounds great!