Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well that sucked...

Yesterday Livvie was fine with the Wiggles first thing. Then, as always, we ran out. I put on the Einsteins. Then the agony began.

She screamed if the episode didn't come on fast enough. She screamed if it was one she didn't want to see. She screamed if it eventually started boring her. I switched to a Wiggles DVD. No go. I tried her Baby's First Signs DVD. Nope. Tried the sing along songs. Hell no.

Rich was trying to work from home yesterday and she was making it practically impossible for him to do so. He couldn't concentrate and what he was doing was very stressful in the first place, so he was freaking out. I was desperately trying to keep her quiet so as not to bother him, so I was freaking out too. My nerves were shot, and I was really ready to give her back. Rich finished working at 4 o clock, and that's when the fun really began.

She lost her mind over a commercial being on prior to an episode, and Rich couldn't take anymore and went out to buy smokes and beer. I attempted to put on another episode, but she kept screaming. That's when I shut the fucking TV off completely. It was a nightmare. I hid the remote and she kept running from place to place screaming and trying to find it. I picked her up and held her and she screamed and cried in my arms for 20 straight minutes. She cried so hard she threw up in her mouth. It was lovely. Rich had come in the house after getting back from the store, and we just waited for her to stop. It took a full hour for her to calm down completely. In the meantime we played with toys in front of her, rough housed with her, and held her up to the windows to watch the birds. She would be quiet for a few seconds during that time, but then start crying again and just lose it.

After the hour's worth of crying I waited until she had been quiet for a few moments and then I turned the TV back on for her. She was far less picky this time, and sat through 2 episodes of the Einsteins until she started fussing again. Rich and I decided to put her to bed at 6 instead of her usual 7. So into bed she went, no fussing, and she fell asleep almost immediately.

I had planned on no TV at all today, but I decided to try it and see if she'd act as fussy over it after her experience yesterday. So far it's been fine, but we'll see. Rich went into the office today so he could actually get some work done, and I know I'm in for a hellish day if I end up having to turn the TV off. Too bad there's no beer left.


Dagny said...

*hands baby heroin*

Dude, I'm sorry.

I hope today goes better.


sara said...

good job julie. i know that wasn't easy. but it was worth it, it worked.

*hands julie xanax*


Michele said...

good gods. You should have filmed that and donated it to the local women's clinic. Bet they'd run out of birth control after their clients watch that film.

damn woman, you did much better than I would have.

Annie said...

My God, sounds awful. You did the right thing though. Good luck today.

Nina said...

Damn. I hope today goes better. Maybe try just music or something?

Danielle Sends You A Heartfelt Hug said...

Amen to what Michele said ;)