Wednesday, March 05, 2008


No real post today. I'm getting sick. Woke up with a sore throat that's getting worse, started getting sick, and now I'm dizzy with a headache. Jen, you gave this to me didn't you???? Snort.

By the way, Cepacol throat spray works for approximately two minutes before wearing away and leaving you feeling like you want to gag.

Oh, I can tell you one thing. Last night we had pretty bad storms, the power went out, so the carbon monoxide detector beeped and freaked the dogs out. They then proceeded to knock down the baby gate to get into the living room. I was up from 1145 until 1am, after having put the gate back up. They whined the entire remainder of the storm. At least the power came back on. I was not looking forward to having no milk for Livvie this morning.

I have no energy to deal with her this morning, and she's playing by herself. Happily, thank the gods.

If this starts to get any better, I swear I'll have a better post later. Right now I'm going to take some Advil and chill.

Smooches to all of you.


Dagny said...

Salt water.


But seriously, feel better soon!


Em said...

Oh yuck. Sorry you're sick. Eat some raw garlic.

Annie said...

Feel better! Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Um...well, we only kissed that ONE time...what are the chances you got sick from that?


Again, if only I could fly there and babysit. I suppose you could ground ship Livvie to me.

Nina said...

Are you making out with my internet girlfriend again? Dammit.

Julie said...

I'm just a smooching fiend. Sorry, Nina.