Thursday, April 24, 2008


The Jeep still sits here. We sold it to "Tim" 2 days ago, and he still hasn't picked it up. Good thing we got the cash, huh?

Now, he did ask Rich if he would mind him letting it stay here, but we thought he meant until later that night. I'm getting the feeling he won't be here until the weekend.

Yesterday was a day from hell after Livvie's naptime. I have no idea how someone can wake up crabby after sleeping an hour and 15 minutes, but whatever. Those are the times when I seriously wonder why I chose to be a stay at home mom. I get to a point where I wish she were someone else's problem, even for only a few hours.

Then I remember why we made this choice.

First of all, we didn't want strangers raising our kid. I'm sure there are wonderful daycare facilities out there, but regardless, it would be someone else shaping who our child is to become. To us that's unacceptable. We wanted to be able to form her personality on our own, and so far it's working out well. She's very independent and knows exactly what she wants, even if she's not capable of communicating it well sometimes. One would think this would be a problem, but it's wonderful knowing that your kid will be capable of not being a part of the herd.

The second reason we chose for me to stay at home was because we didn't make enough money to justify daycare at all. If I had chosen to go back to work I would have earned basically just enough money to place her in daycare, and that would have been pointless. Rich earns enough to pay the bills and the mortgage and buy groceries and take care of us, but we never really have extra. Therefore, no daycare.

The third reason I myself chose to stay home was because once I got pregnant I knew deep in my heart that I would want to be with my kid as much as possible. She might be difficult and a bit stubborn, she might have moments where she's a complete lunatic and drives me absolutely crazy, but I can't even imagine not being with her every day. I adore this kid, and I wouldn't want to leave her for more than a couple of hours at a time. Some people might think that's unhealthy, but she's the most rewarding and important thing I've ever done. It would be nice to be able to get out of the house for breaks more often, and I'm working on that, At the end of the day though, I miss her desperately while I'm out of her company and can't wait to see her again.

So there you have it. 

Have a great Thursday, try to get outside for a bit if the weather is nice, and eat well. Advice I could follow myself.


Dagny said...


You are such a good mom.

And I hope you have a wonderful day.

//Livvie, if you can hear me, be good for mom today, please?


Annie said...

Julie, I think it is a wonderful thing and if I had a child I would do the same thing, but I know it has to be hard and boring some days.
Livvie is a lucky girl :-).

Meredith said...

misery loves company...that's what mommies groups are for. ugh... I know exactly what you're saying!

Safeena said...

Re Fuckingjeep...thjere's a vintage a lapel button in my jewelry box that had Dr. Kervorkian's photo on italong with the text "Always get the money up front".

And so you did!

Em said...

I chose to stay at home as well for the reasons you've outlined. Looking back though, 6 years later, I wish I would've continued working at least part-time.