Saturday, April 26, 2008


So it's already 85 degrees out and it's not even noon. We took Livvie to Blue Jay Point County Park which has a playground and loads of grass for her to run on and she had a blast. She cried when it was time to come home, but I didn't want her to burn so home it was.

The place was absolutely packed. There was a Songbirds event today from 9-3, and they had everything there. Crafts and games and a nature hike etc. If Livvie had been a bit older we would definitely have taken part in it. It looked like a lot of fun. 

We ended up taking one of the trails for a little ways because Livvie wanted to. It was time to leave there when she started veering off the trail and into the weeds and plants because I didn't want her to bring home poison ivy. If you'll recall, I got it last year by using pine mulch with my bare hands. Speaking of, don't ever touch pine mulch with your bare hands. It's very common for there to be poison ivy in it. I Googled it.

We've decided to go ahead and start loading her up in the back pack carrier to go hiking out there on nice days. There aren't very many nice days left in 2008, as once May hits it's officially summertime and the temps can get into the 90s already, so it'll have to be soon. Although, it's about 15 degrees cooler under the trees, so maybe we'll be able to swing it after all.

I want to get a child bike seat for the back of Rich's bike so we can start biking as a family out at Falls Dam too. I think we simply need to get out of the house more often, and exercise is probably the way to go.

I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday. Today is off to a good start in this household, and I'm hoping it continues for the rest of the day. See you tomorrow!


Annie said...

Sounds like you had a good day.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Em said...

Sounds nice, Julie!

Cyn said...

Very nice day for all of you. Was nice here too.

Dagny said...

Glad you had a good time, sounds like fun!!! :)