Monday, April 07, 2008

It's BACK...

This is my baby. I haven't driven my baby since this past summer, when it started pulling to the right in traffic and nearly getting me killed. I started driving the Fuckingjeep instead, and was lost without my truck.

Granted, it's a 2 seater, and so not the safest vehicle on the planet for a toddler to be in, but it's elevated higher than any sedan, so I figure we'll come out better in a fight. 

My truck is a stick shift. The Fuckingjeep is an automatic. I'm sure you can guess by my control freak tendencies which one I prefer. 

The reason we are calling it Fuckingjeep is because it's been giving me problems non-stop since i started driving it this past summer. It has electrical issues, and occasionally if you start it the entire dash goes out, along with the signals and the windows. This is why I HATE computer controlled cars. Sometimes when I start it it doesn't choose to start until the 3rd or 4th try. This is invariably at the store, not at home. Oh, and the air conditioning doesn't work, which sucked last year when it was 107 degrees.

So after the last incident with it I informed Rich that I refused to drive it anymore. The truck had been fixed in January when we got it inspected (it was due in September), so there would be no problem with that anymore. 

Rich moved the Fuckingjeep into the spot the truck had been inhabiting, and we parked the truck in the driveway. It looked good there. Homey.

Oh. My. Gah. I loved it. LOVED it. Livvie loved being up front with me, and it was nice to be able to look over and see her. I didn't forget to use the clutch to start it, and I didn't have a single issue on hills or at stop lights. I was awesome. The truck was awesome. And I don't ever want to sell the damn thing. I mean honestly, it gets 24mpg. For a TRUCK. How can you beat that? The Fuckingjeep was getting 12mpg.

So if you see a chick in a greenish tan Nissan Frontier zipping along the streets of Raleigh yelling "YEE-HA!" you'll know it's me. 


Annie said...

So happy you have your truck back. It is the small things that bring us joy after all :-).

Dagny said...


Michele said...

I'm glad you have your truck back too. :)

my two previous vehicles were trucks. I rolled the first on (I still miss it, even though it was a shortie Isuzu truck) and my last one was a big ass ford farm truck that I drove the hell out of. I named it Bride of Frankenford. ha! I still miss having a truck.

I REALLY like yours.

Em said...

Very cool!

Nina said...

yay for truck!