Sunday, April 06, 2008

Going once...

So I listed our extra dryer on Freecycle last night and got 8 replies. Someone is picking it up this afternoon at 1, but everyone else wants to be next on the list if they don't show. Um, no. The next person on the list gets to be the next person on the list, and that's the way it works you dingo heads.

Yesterday was awesome. I'm not going to give you the complete list of what we watched, because that is boring, but I do want to mention that we watched Mulan, and both Livvie and Rich enjoyed it. Rich isn't an animated movie kind of person. So that was fun. As usual, Livvie mainly ignored it in favor of playing, however, the songs in this particular movie caught her interest. Good deal.

Due to her fascination with all things audio/visual, I won her the DVD of Fantasia on eBay last night for a ridiculously low amount of money given that it's a new copy. I've seen it on eBay going for almost $60 and we scored it for $17. Now my mom can shut up. She kept badgering me to hook up our VCR so I could play the Fantasia tape for Livvie, and frankly, I don't want to. First of all, the tape is most likely destroyed because it got damp, and second of all, VHS??? 

I do need to mention one potential issue. I haven't been using the remote in front of her at all, but at the end of each DVD she watches me eject the disk, get a new one, and start it up again. I don't know how she figured it out so quickly, but now when the credits roll she whines and puts her hands on the DVD player to indicate another one is to be inserted, NOW. I might have essentially substituted one monster for another.


Dagny said...

Cause she is one SMART cookie, that is why.

Livvie, your powers of observation are astounding. You go girl!!

Michele said...

wow, she really is clever. the rascal. ;)

You'll survive. though you may have trouble getting your wish of no TV at all sometimes. ;)

Annie said...

Kids are smart and Livvie one of the smartest :-).

Em said...

How cute! She's a smarty pants.