Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Other Shoe?

Waiting for it to drop.

Yesterday I put on the Discovery Channel during Livvie's first nap attempt at 11. She wouldn't sleep, so I got her out at 1130 and left the channel on. She lost her mind for 12 minutes, screaming and crying hysterically and looking for the remote. She eventually calmed down enough to let me rock her and then she got up and went to play.

A few times throughout the day she went looking for the remote and whined again, no real crying those times, but I left the TV on with things I'd watch. We watched Law and Order from 2-4, and then because I couldn't get the remote out while she was watching we got stuck watching Charmed from 4-515. I then turned the news on, and the news was on until she went to bed at 7.

That's 7.5 hours total with none of her shows on folks.

This morning before she got up I put on the local morning news and left it on. She hasn't made a single peep yet today, nor has she gone looking for the remote yet. I'll have to somehow manage to change the channel at 9, because that's when the "judge" shows come on, but it APPEARS as if today is going to be fine.

Can that really be it? Could it really have only taken one day? I just don't believe it.

I was planning on not allowing any of her shows until the weekend, but now I'm thinking that I might not even do that. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if she totally forgot that the Einsteins or the Wiggles ever existed. 

Do you know what this MEANS????

This might mean that I can finally watch Season 2 of Angel. Yes it does. This might mean that I can finally get caught up on Lost. This might mean that I can finally watch the movie BFF loaned to me. 

Fingers crossed please. It just can't be this easy.


Dagny said...

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you my friend.

Good luck!!!!!


Cyn said...

Yay you have set boundaries for her letting her know you are the boss. This is good. I hope it continues and you can get your sanity back from Wiggless shows.

Safeena said...

Honey child, I do believe that girl is too advanced for baby videos. Let her watch some classic Three Stoogesa nd I bet she'ss crack up laughing. She wants variety!!

Annie said...

Everything crossed, good luck!

Michele said...

at this age she has short term memory. go ahead and watch your shows for several days, and you'll see. If you want to add her shows back in, make the decision that she only gets her shows at certain times... like an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. ONLY those times. She'll learn and accept.

you just got to stick with it!