Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Fuckingboat is sold. More or less. We haven't received the check yet, but the man buying it made an offer and is going to be purchasing it later this week. 

Rich had been asking $4995 for Fuckingboat and included in his ad that if it didn't sell by the weekend then it was going to the marina to be sold on consignment there. He got a bite. A guy deployed in Iraq decided he wanted it and sent his wife out to look at it on Saturday. That was rather amusing as she brought one of her friends with her, and they were both of the giggly, early 20s breed of chick. They both barely paid attention to the actual boat, but when they saw the sink working and that it had a bathroom they were sold. To be fair, Rich did start the engine for them and they were very impressed that it started right up on the first turn of the key. So I'm sure that was reported to the hubby.

They left and said they'd email back. We waited a few days because since he's deployed how often can he get to email, you know? So yesterday the soldier dude emailed and made an offer. We sold the boat for $4500. Not terrible. It would have been nice to have the extra $500 though.

The giggly wife is planning to bring a Toyota Tundra to pick up the boat. She's never towed a boat before. Given the size of this beast it should be interesting to see if she even makes it out of our driveway without tipping it sideways into our ditch. Rich is going to be kind enough to make sure the trailer tires are filled with air and that the wheels are good and lubed up since the trailer is going to be mainly on the highway. We're also wondering if she'll be able to manage the highway speeds with the boat. Rich is even thinking of recommending that she keep to the right, do 50, and keep her hazards on.

So I'm a bit nervous for her. I hope she can make it. But on the plus side, how frigging cool is it going to be for soldier dude to come home to this giant, gorgeous boat in his driveway? I'm very excited for him.


Dagny said...


And I am glad it is going to a good home. After much time in the sand I bet that guy is going to want to spend ALL his time on the water.

Good karma with fuckingboat. It's winwin.


Nina said...

The real question is: what is your husband going to do with all his time now that he is not going to be polishing up fuckingboat?

Cyn said...

YAY! Congrats for getting rid of fucking boat once and for all!!!

Annie said...

Good for you! Now Rich will have more time to spend with you :-).

Michele said...

Congrats on selling that boat!!

Danielle Says Hello said...

Ours is sold as of today also!! Yippee!!!!!!! Time to get another boat (!!!)