Friday, April 11, 2008


Has arrived. Livvie is singularly unimpressed with it. I put it on, and at the beginning when they're explaining how the movie works, she started crying. Once the music started she calmed down, but she's not paying attention to it at all, and I would have thought that with all of the swirling goodness she would have been fascinated. Oh well.

A story about Fantasia that you might find shocking:

When I was a young teenager (February 23rd, 1985 to be exact) my then boyfriend and I went to see the re-release of the movie in the theater. It was a warm, spring-like day, and we walked into the theater, bought our popcorn and cokes, and had a seat in the auditorium. My boyfriend wasn't convinced that he would like it, but I was eager to see it again as the first time I saw it I was about 6 years old and remembered loving it. The movie started and I was enthralled.

The movie was about 2 hours long, and I could tell that boyfriend was shifting uncomfortably and was bored. Toward the end of the movie there came a piece of music called A Night on Bald Mountain. The main piece of art in this segment was a demon called Chernobog (see image above left). That piece of music was the most stirring thing I had ever heard, and Chernobog (not apparent in image above left) was incredibly sexy. Just one of the most evil and charismatic thing I had ever seen. The lure of the damned. Just what a young girl needs.

The movie ended and we left the theater. There was a bit of time left before mom was coming to pick us up. I'm sure you can see where this is going (especially since the date is burned into my memory). We wandered off into the woods and did The Deed. The first time for both of us. I remember that I thought it was nothing spectacular. Certainly nothing like I had read in books or had seen in movies. I remember that it hurt like a bitch, and that I was totally embarrassed when mom came to pick me up, although she sensed nothing.

A month went by and AF was late. I was absolutely panicked. I came to my mother sobbing and confessed the whole thing. She was very understanding although also completely disappointed in me. The disappointment was the hardest thing to bear. She convinced me to wait to go to the doctor because at that age AF was so unreliable in the first place. She was right. AF finally arrived, and my relief was so strong that I never did The Deed again for several more years. I could never go through that hell again I felt.

So there's the story. Oh, and the DVD that just arrived froze and skipped backward and is unwatchable. Didn't get to see A Night on bald Mountain. Husband is safe from my advances for the meantime, until I see if the disk can be repaired. Is he lucky? He'd probably consider himself not.


Dagny said...


I hope you get the disk fixed. ;)

cant' you spray pledge on them or something to fill scratches?

I have never (shhh, I know) seen that movie, that I can remember....though some parts of childhood are a bit missing, I'll have to watch it to see if I remember it at all. :)

Annie said...

I have to say that movie never had that effect on me :-). Sorry the sex was not good, but it never is the first time. Am I right?

Em said...

My first time was not all that enjoyable either. It just frickin' hurt like hell. I was like, gee that was fun.

Michele said...

my first time sucked too.

But I will say that the Bald Mtn segment of that movie was my favorite part. Not really because the big guy was sexy... I just liked the drama of it. I also like the fish.

Cyn said...

I have not seen that movie in a long time. I do not remember being turned on by it at all.