Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I did manage to get some plants into the garden yesterday. My friend Cyn told me that I should claim that it was in honor of Earth Day, but considering I didn't even know it was I'll just ignore that totally.

Yesterday we bought:

3 kinds of Basil
Lamb's Ears
Lemon Balm
Salsa Scarlet

The hostas are for the garden that's right up against the back of the house. Everything else is for the circle garden in the back. Along with everything we bought yesterday we have 2 Rosemarys, more Thyme, Pineapple Sage, Wormwood, the Hibiscus, and a Lilac tree in the center.

I weeded half of the garden yesterday, and it was a nightmare. The garden has a 15 ft diameter, and I ended up giving up on the little claw thing and getting out the Round Up for the rest. It promptly rained. Go figure. I guess it's back to the claw, as they're calling for rain off and on for a few days.

Because Michele asked, here are some pics. The first 3 haven't gone into the ground yet. The last pic is from the only quarter of the garden that's fully planted. I'll take more pics later in the year when everything has filled out.

Salsa Scarlet


Herbs and Hostas

The first quarter of the garden

I know they're pretty crappy pictures, but they're the best I can do with the mist going on this morning. 

I plan to weed some more today during Livvie's nap. That should be fun in the mud, although the wetness of the ground might make it easier. I can't get the rest of the plants in until I get the remaining weeds, so it has to be done. Of course, I also have a ton of laundry today, so we'll see what gets done.

I hope everyone has a terrific Wednesday. I'll be back tomorrow. :)


Annie said...

Sounds like a busy day in the dirt
(mud). Have fun!!

Nina said...

Yay! I want a garden, too.

Cyn said...

I like lamb's ear. Any plant I can play with and is soft is alright in my book. Probably best you plant things slowly anyway rather than all in one day. You would be exhausted. Plus there is having a Livvie and all who might occupy some of your time. Unless she gets out there any plays in the dirt helping you? lol

LizB said...

Good job! Lovely garden.

Em said...

I despise gardening.