Thursday, April 10, 2008

In 40 Minutes

The Fuckingboat will be out of our lives forever.

I'd like to thank my new friend that I met today for actually getting me out of the house and giving me something to do with the kid. We met at the playground (she has a 2 year old) and it was great fun. Livvie managed to stay there for an hour and 20 minutes which is a record for her, and when it was time to go home she didn't want to leave.

It's 82 degrees according to our snowman thermometer outside, and I actually had to use the air conditioner on the way home from the playground because the inside of the truck was so hot.

Speaking of the truck: I have had ZERO anxiety about driving Livvie anywhere since I started driving the truck again. I think it's because that damn vehicle is an extension of me, and I know every little move it makes. I also think the Fuckingjeep, being a V-8, might have had a little too much power for me. I know that when it was time to stop at lights in it I was often unsure as to whether or not the damn thing would stop at all. So yeah, who needs a therapist when you can just go back to your original vehicle and take care of everything in one shot?

Have I mentioned how much I love that truck?

I was out deadheading the petunias a few minutes ago and I could literally see the pollen floating through the air. I keep my cases of cokes outside, and every morning when I bring some in to put them into the fridge I have to wipe off the green shit. It's insane. I honestly can't wait for this little phase of living in NC to end for this year.

That's it for today folks. I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


Dagny said...

YAY for new friend day!!!!!

Glad you had a nice time. :)

And very glad you got your extension of you truck back, and that your anxiety has been lessened, how fucking great is that???


Annie said...

So happy for you on all counts :-)!

Cyn said...

That is wonderful you did not have that anxiety with your truck. Now you can take Livvie more places and have adventures.

Meredith said...

Hey, thanks for getting me out of the house too. I was curious to see what you'd say, knowing I'd read the blog and I'm the only soul in Cary that reads it! :)
Take care.

Nina said...


Em said...

It must make a huge difference in your life to feel comfortable driving. I'm glad to hear it!