Friday, April 04, 2008

What it Actually Meant

It actually meant that I got to watch all 4 hours of The Return of the King. Yes I did. ALLLLLLLL of it. Well, except for that little place where my DVD froze and then skipped back several chapters, which was near the end of the first disk anyway so I went ahead and loaded disk 2.

She loved the action sequences because the music would get louder and she liked the music. She apparently LOVED Sean Astin because she went up to the TV and started petting his face. And get this: She cried when it ended and I had to put something else on.

My kid. Crying at the end of ROTK. *sniff* I'm so proud. Seriously, she behaved very well throughout the whole movie. She went on remote hunts a few times and whined, but there were no actual tears and I'd say the whining lasted a maximum of 5-10 seconds each time. It was entirely manageable on my part. Other than a few times when she would sit in her little tub and actually pay attention to the action on the screen she did what she usually does with the TV on: run around and play.

After ROTK I ended up having to put on Deadliest Catch on Discovery, which you know, is about crab fishermen so it's absolutely fascinating to me. Trust me, there was also nothing else on. Stupid daytime TV. After that ended at 5 the news went on and once again remained on until she went to bed at 7.

So folks, including her nap yesterday she went 11.5 hours without any of her TV on. A full day. This morning the news is on again and she's been fine. Not even one search for the remote yet. I have this overwhelming urge to put on Pride and Prejudice today and make her sit through all 5 hours of it. Hey, payback is a bitch you know...


Dagny said...

I LOVE that she loved it.

That is just awesome. heh.


Annie said...

So great she liked it,and you got to watch four hours of Viggo :-). Sigh...

Michele said...

LOL... it's working!

seriously though, I am glad you are getting to reclaim some of your TV and not having to sit through the frankenmusicsteins.