Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Some Random Stuff and Your Pic of the Day

Here's your pic first. Yes, This is Livvie's new favorite pastime. We're constantly pulling her fingers out, but they go right back in again. I missed the shot the other day where she had one index finger in each nostril. It simply happened too fast. I hope you'll forgive me.

The random: 

I'm pretty sure she thinks the TV is called, "be careful," and that the dog is called, "be gentle." 

Our black jeep is no longer black. It is currently green due to the pine pollen. Unfortunately the city is still under Stage 2 water restrictions, so I can't even take it through the car wash. Not that I should bother anyway until all of this stops. Last night we watched all of it swirling around in the beam from the flood light, and it was absolutely disgusting. Rich referred to them as jagged-edged bitches, and if you look at pollen through a microscope you'll see that he's correct. 

Yesterday I saw a cardinal fight in midair. It was truly something to see as they beat their wings at each other and attempted to peck while still in flight. The sheer level of noise produced by that was almost enough to wake Livvie up from her nap. It was insane. During the fight a female landed on our feeder, and I suspect that she was the reason for the fisticuffs. Unfortunately during their fight they lost sight of her as she took off in the opposite direction, and I have a feeling they were quite shocked when the fight ended.

We also have swarms of flying bugs. I have no idea what they are, but they swarm everyday at about 4pm. They look like strangely shaped flies of some sort, and they're absolutely disgusting. When I take the dogs out at their regularly appointed 430 time the fly things land on them, and I have no idea if they bite or not. I walked out of the house yesterday evening to find Rich spraying a bottle of bug-b-gon at them while they were still in flight. I have no idea if it worked on those particular bugs or not, but if it did they were quickly replaced by hundreds of others.

That's it for today folks. Enjoy your Wednesday, and I'll be back tomorrow. 


Nina said...

Oh my gosh look how pretty she is. Oh and she'll grow out of that finger in the nose-hole thing.

Annie said...

She is beautiful, and I don't mind the finger in the nose :-).

Cyn said...

Hey at least she is not screaming and crying in that pic.

Dagny said...

That is a great pic. :)

Michele said...

haha, that is great! Kevin did that the last time he had buggers, and discovered they came out on his fingers. He hasn't done it lately because there's no buggers... but I'm sure I'll see it again.

I love Livvie