Sunday, February 24, 2008

And, um...

This has to stop.


Seriously, how gross is that? that's been since Friday.


Michele said...

dude... it's like a cig butt porcupine!!!

now, if you have a dream about it sprouting legs and coming after you, I won't need to interpret that. lol

Jennifer said...


Now here is a trick I have read to help with the quit.

Take all those. Save them in a big mason jar. Add water.

And when you think that having a smoke is a good idea, take a nice deep hoot off that. You won't want to smoke anymore. ;)

Jennifer said...


we posted at the same time Michelle!

Now get over to my blog and interpret my dream please!! ;)

Nina said...

I think it's kind of pretty, actually. Like flowers.

Jennifer said...

could it be called a stink blossom?