Friday, February 29, 2008

My Ink

This is my second post of the day. You'll have to deal with that unfortunately...

Ok, save for the pic of my ass, these will be the only photos of myself that you will ever see. I'm a fairly private person, which is odd when you consider my blog is public.
I got this tattoo for my 20th birthday. I wanted something to mark the occasion of leaving my teens, and I searched for 9 months before I figured out the design I wanted to use. I drew it myself. It's a rendition of my late father doing the Native American Sundance and being pulled up to heaven by the Great Spirit. I figured after I got it that the best thing to do would be to tell my mother right away. This was a bad idea, as she wigged out to the point where she actually called Monsignor about it. His response: "Is she doing drugs? Is she stealing? Then give her a break, Barbara."
Here it is: 

I'm sorry it's sort of blurry.  


My second tattoo I got when I was 27 years old, to mark the fact that I was a Perfect Cube (seriously, do the math). It took me 3 months to design that one, and I also drew that one myself. I'll let you know that the blob on the 9 o'clock position is a turtle, and the blob on the 12 o'clock position is a rendition of the Goddess symbol. I placed the Goddess at the top for my own purposes, but the tattoo itself means many paths, one truth. This is why the Ohm is in the center, as its sound is supposedly the sound of the ultimate truth being realized.


I never told my mother about this one, and she found out about it when I was stupid enough one day to parade in front of her in a bathing suit. This time, however, she merely called me a brat and asked me why I had gotten a second one. She disagreed with my reasoning, but she accepted the fact that I had a second one. NO calls to the Monsignor this time.

Tattoos aren't for everyone, obviously, and Rich doesn't want me to get anymore, although he accepts the ones I have now because I came that way. He isn't fond of them at all, and doesn't understand why people get them in the first place. I want to get a third one to mark the occasion of my 40th birthday, so I guess I'll be saving up to pay for it on my own. I won't ask him to contribute to the cause.

The one for my 40th birthday? That will be olive branches with olives on them, as my daughter's full name is Olivia, and both her name and the branches mean Peace. And if tattoos can perform some sort of magic, then maybe I'll find peace myself.


Dagny said...

They are great, and the fact you designed both yourself is really something special.

i love them.


Anonymous said...

I have three. And I only regret one. However I do my best to pretend that I don't regret it and it's really a reminder to not be so fucking stupid next time. It isn't a name. It's one of those horribly trendy chinese symbols. For all I know I have "Sesame Chicken" inked on my left shoulder. Ugh. I hate me so hard right now.

Cyn said...

You have told me about these before but I had never seen them. Nice to understand the one about your father as I was the fuzziest on that one.

My first tattoo was when I was 20 or 21, an angel fish. My mom cried and my dad told me he did not know who I am anymore. They then decided I smoked pot and hung around bikers that looked like ZZ Top.

My 2nd tattoo, a fleur de lis, my mom does not know about but my dad discovered it at Christmas and commented. He dislikes them and doesn't understand why I even have them. I got that second one when I was 26 I think. I might have been 27 but I never associated that with 3 cubed.

I am really really REALLY hoping for a guy who will think they are sexy on me. I know that is asking a lot, especially in a conservative Christian man, but that is what I want.

Michele said...

I really enjoyed your stories about your tattoos. Thank you!

I have 3 tats myself. Maybe I'll do a post about them in my blog sometime... I am considering one more for my son, like you. But I haven't come up with a design idea yet.

Julie said...

Dagny- Thanks. I loved working on them myself.

Jen- OMG I laughed so hard I snorted my beer.

Cyn- I don't know if a guy will think they're sexy, but if they're head over heels enough it won't matter to them.

Michele- I'd love to see yours! Yes, do blog.

Annie said...

I love tattoos though I don't have any(horrible fear of needles). I think it is great that you designed your own. One should be free to do
whatever one wants to, to one's own body :-).