Friday, February 22, 2008

Rug Update 2/22/08


It's nice under bare feet.

It's doing a perfectly wonderful job of pulling the room together. The new sofa goes with it rather well. Speaking of the new sofa, delivery went well. They did NOT in fact arrive while Livvie was napping, and the delivery men were super nice. They had THE COOLEST electronic signature device that actually LOOKED like my signature after I signed instead of some scrabble that a chimp would have done.

(By the way, have you determined that this is a rather ridiculous post to even have typed? You did? Then why are you still reading.? Go cook something. Or eat something. Triscuits with Easy Cheese is my recommendation. Not kidding. Try it.)

I'm ecstatic about the living room. It has a nice homey feel now that it really never had before. I feel like I'm surrounded by warmth just from the addition of a sofa and a rug. How is that even possible? It's cozy and comfortable here now, where before it seemed transitory, like we weren't ever planning on staying here. We're probably NOT planning on staying here, in fact, Hell No, but that doesn't mean we have to look like we live in a college dormitory.

Not to say that I'm unafraid to sit on the sofa. NO, I am VERY afraid. It's comfy, sure, but it's also Brand New and God forbid that anything happen to it. My thoughts, not Rich's. After all, it's Scotch Guarded. What could happen right? I'll tell you. Coke Zero stains. I know they say that liquids will roll right off, but do you know where they would go? Yeah. The rug.

Wondering when I would get back to the rug?

I love the rug. AHHHHHHHHHHH.


Safeena said...

Machine washable slipcovers. That's all there is to say.

Anonymous said...

You just have to survive that first spill. And stain.

After that the rest of them aren't so bad. People knock over a drink on my carpet and I'm, whatever.

Of course, my carpet isn't light colored. I will never be grown up enough to have light colored things. I can't even wear a white t shirt.

Nina said...

I am so going to the store today to rent a carpet cleaner. I want AAHHHH too.

Jennifer said...

you have me so excited for my furniture delivery today!!! As we are trying to get rid of the college student feel around here too. hehee.

And I agree. You are VERY grown up to attempt the light coloured carpet...heh ;)

Michele said...

Ooo... I wanna see. take a pic???

Erin said...

I want to see too.. I think pics would be great!!

Cyn said...

That is so nice to have a room tie together. Nice and cosy is a great look. I remember when I first had white carpet (in Denver) I started drinking and serving people white whine, white cranberry juice, etc. Eventually I relaxed but when something is clean and new it is nice to keep it that way for a while.