Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sorry to be a Bummer


But...Too many of my friends are having shit lives. Hell, I'm having something of a shit life, but comparatively speaking I can't complain.

I know TWO people on the verge of bankruptcy right now. Two. How does this happen to people who work hard and pay their bills and try to make a living? I can understand people who run up a ton of debt with no compunctions at all. What I can't understand is how people get to the point of having to live on credit just to survive. It's unfair that something called The Working Poor even exists. Obviously.

I know 3 people who hate their jobs so badly that they're contemplating throwing away their current lives and starting over. Perhaps even by moving away from their current homes. One is considering France. Another is considering Bumfuck USA. I'm not certain where the third wants to go, because I haven't asked. I do know that if these people moved so far away I would be heartbroken as it would mean I would probably never see them again, but that's my problem, not theirs.

Three of these people are having the worst luck that you can possibly imagine. Constant outflow of cash with none coming in, deaths, you name it, they're dealing with it. And I don't understand how all of this is happening in the space of a few months. Some of it has been going on for years. I had thought 2008 would be better, but for many of my friends it is not.

For a lot of these things problems could be solved if I could simply manage to win a $350 million dollar lottery. Everyone I know would be set for life. A lot of these problems can't be managed with money, and those are the ones that make me feel helpless.

So if I start complaining about my meds, or lack thereof, If I start wanking about something stupid like my husband buying furniture in the middle of the night, or the fact that my child only took a 50 min nap, feel free to slap me senseless. Because in the grand scheme, that ain't nothing.

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Michele said...

I hear you.

I need to take a look around a lot more frequently myself.