Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a Size 10 Looks Like

Yes, this is my very own ass. I was inspired to write this post after reading this post from Citizen of the Month.

That post horrified me, and I'll tell you why. Prior to becoming pregnant with Livvie I was 129 pounds and wore a size 4-6. As I gained weight I didn't care, because hey, I was pregnant and that's what you do. However, I need to admit that I was thrilled with the fact that I only gained 36 pounds. The doctor had wanted 35, and I felt very smug.

Five weeks after Livvie was born I was back in a size 4-6, and once again weighed 129 pounds. I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe my good fortune, and I jumped back into my pre-pregnancy clothes with abandon. I was awesome. I felt terrible for everyone who couldn't get their weight back though, and in retrospect I was an ass. I mean, so fucking what right? They were trying.

So I went on meds last April, and it never occurred to me that on these particular ones I would gain weight, but gain I did. Without even noticing very much the weight was creeping on, until one day I couldn't get the 6s over my hips and ass. I was devastated, and the only pair of jeans that fit were a pair that I hadn't washed and dried yet. I ended up not washing them for weeks, because I couldn't afford to go buy new. Finally my mom gifted me with enough money to go shopping, and I made plans to go to K-Mart. I also finally got on the scale, and I weighed 152 pounds. I was stunned. What the hell had happened? Ok, sure, I had become addicted to ice cream, but I had eaten like a fiend all of my life without gaining an ounce. When had this changed?

Oh, right. Meds. It occurred to me that this had all happened after I started the meds. So I dragged my widening ass to K-Mart and tried on some 8s. No go. With reluctance I tried on the 10s and they fit, albeit a bit big around the waist. Unfortunately they were the only ones I could get over the booty. I sadly took my 10s home and made the decision to lose the weight, or some of it anyway. I wanted to lose 12 pounds and get to 140, and into 8s. 8s weren't so bad, but for some reason 10s seemed like the end of the world. I was terrified that Rich would think I was fat and not be attracted to me anymore. So onto the elliptical machine I went (for 3 days, as I'm sure I mentioned). I started snacking on carrots and cauliflower, avoiding ice cream most nights of the week, and drinking tons of water. 

And then something happened. I went to lunch with my best friend and she called me skinny. Huh? How could I be skinny when I weighed 23 pounds more than I did when I WAS skinny? I got home and took a look at myself in the mirror, and realized she was right. I might have gained the weight, but I now looked like an average woman instead of a swizzle stick. I finally had boobs and a J Lo butt, and I was voluptuous. Rock on. I got on the scale 2 weeks later and I was down to 143. I had a moment of feeling victory, and then realized I really didn't care. STress had lost the weight at that time, and that's the wrong way to go about it.

So I went on the ice cream diet and gained back 7 pounds. The 10s don't bag on my ass anymore. Rich still loves me. And what's more important is that I love me.

So this is what a 10 looks like. And I couldn't be happier.


Jennifer said...

You are just amazing.

And I am in awe of you right now.

I mean that.

Great post.


Neil said...

I'm sorry to say it so crudely -- but that is one nice ass! Media images of what women should look like today are just unrealistic and plain unhealthy.

jennyquarx said...

That article was horrifying.

And girl, you got it goin' on.

And at least in my neck of the woods, all the hot guys DO NOT like anorexic chicks. They think they are creepy. Every single man I know (that would be worth dating) likes normal sized women.

Nice booty. :)

Safeena said...

Amazing post and sharing of your thought processes.

You look fablulous. Small bone structure + tallness + realistic thinking = bodacious Julie!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you have a touch of my kind of crazy, or I would have to hate you.

Annie said...

I so totally agree :-). I am a size 8(my weight is in my middle not my ass and not as good a place to have it:-).I still don't love my body, but I am trying. You are brave. I also agree with Neil :-).

LizB said...

I love your ass. Hope that's OK. Haha.

Miss Britt said...


Anonymous said...

It's nice to have something to sit on!

Cyn said...

I already told you that you have a nice butt however thought I would post that here to. Just to make it official.

Julie said...

Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments about my hind end.


I really appreciate it.


Michele said...

Aaaah, love that post! Love that hot size 10 ass!

I was 152 when I graduated high school. I would love to be there again. But only if I have that healthy self-image.

Kelly said...

Nice ass! You're like the Jamie Lee Curtis of blogs.

Anonymous said...

You know I like the way you look! Both now and 100 years ago when you were far too skinny... in HS.

Although, I'll admit - reading how nice your ass is from a bunch of other women, kind of turns me on! But you always knew I was a weirdo, didn't you?

You rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a little guilty here.
I actually did a Google search that said " what is a size 10".

This nice girl I met online said she was a size 10 and I had no clue what a size 10 looked like.

After seeing your bum I think I'll propose.

Great post....and great bum. said...

Your right...HOT!! :)
You should check out our website. It's all about this.
And we'd love to use your entry here in our My Body stories if you're interested.

Smile said...

Good post! That's what I want too. I think a size ten is perfect. I used to want to be skinny and all. (I still want it actually..) but I'm an now trying to accept my body and just be healthy.
It hink woman are happier when they have a normal and healthy body, then trying to be skinny.
good post :)

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