Monday, February 18, 2008

Yippee Ki Yay

and you know the rest...

dollar sign

Tomorrow Rich and I are taking even more of the tax money and attempting to find a rug and a chair. The rug is for the living room. To pull the whole room together. The chair is for the office, because he's currently sitting on a kitchen chair in there and it's killing his back.

Money. Spending money. Ah man, it's a good thing he's doing the spending right now because being somewhat manic right now I could seriously outspend him in a heartbeat.

I want a new Macbook Air. Yes I do. If I had had my druthers the entire federal refund would have been spent on one. I shit you not, I saw that thing in the commercial come sliding out of the interoffice envelope and I just about wet my pants. Rich calls it Julie Porn. He's probably right. I could go into an Apple store and drop literally $5k without even blinking an eye.

I got my "allowance" on Friday and it's sitting in my bank account. What will it be used for you ask? Well...

Dog food
Cat food
Heartworm Preventative
Frontline Flea & Tick Preventative (I saw a seed tick today. In February. Whatever.)
Car Insurance

I might end up having to bump the car insurance back 2 weeks, as I'm not sure how much the Frontline will cost. Exciting times, huh folks? None of this spending is enough to satisfy my mania. I'm three heartbeats away from going on eBay and buying Season One of Buffy. Yes, yes I am. Why is Season One worth it? Well because of exposition. You need Season One to enjoy the rest, even though the makeup and clothes are pretty bad. Trust me on this. Oh, and if you've never seen Buffy, do so post haste. I guarantee you'll be hooked.


Cyn said...

I want the MacAir as well. I could not justify the expense though so I bought a Dell laptop. Actually it really is neat and a hell of a lot faster than my desktop (5 years old +/-).

I work near TWO malls. When I say near I mean a block away from one and two blocks to the other. Do you know how hard it is to resist that temptation?

Michele said...

oh man, that Macair commercial nearly had me switching back to mac from pc. That thing is SOOOO sexy. yeah. if I had the money.

Julie said...

Rich informed me last night that since I don't carry a laptop anywhere, there's absolutely no reason I would need a lightweight laptop. I hit him with a shoe.