Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today's absolutely pointless post:

I am sore today. Yesterday since Rich was home from work we decided to get the living room ready for the arrival of the sofa on Thursday. This required removing the current futon and moving it into the office and also moving the rug into the office. Suffice it to say that when you have to fold a futon out into bed position and heft it through the hallway, turning it ever so slightly, oh no, that's too much turning, back up back up! Ok try again, yeah, there we go, sorry about your hand... well, it isn't much fun.

The knucklehead thing we did was we forgot to put the rug down first. So off we went into the office with the rug only to realize that we now had to lift the futon while applying the rug to the floor. Yeah, we're brilliant.

The room does look nice now. It's clean and crisp and has the look of an office instead of a garbage can, and the futon really adds something. I told Rich that he can now lie down while he works from home and he rolled his eyes at me. It seemed like a fine idea to me. His new chair chair really pulls the room together. The fabric, although a different color, is the same as the futon cover and it actually looks like something of a set. Maybe we're starting to grow up and have decent furniture. Of course, until the sofa arrives I am the one using the kitchen chair at my computer, which is hard on the ass and the back. Which I don't need after the futon moving incident.

Yes, I had a weird dream last night. In it I was at the doctor's office and my old doctor was there, having not retired. While he was talking to me we noticed out the window that a giant blue skeleton man was tromping on downtown, picking up people and animals and eating them on the way. Cars were rushing everywhere to get away, and we both ran out into the parking lot like stupid idiots. We looked up and the creepy fuck was getting closer. So we both got into the doctor's car and attempted escape. I woke up shortly after this, so I'm not sure if someone like the SWAT team was able to bring him down, but I imagine not as he looked pretty impermeable. He almost looked mechanical.

I love the impending full moon. My dreams are just so fucked up.


jennyquarx said...

Weird dude. It must be the eclipse.

Glad your office looks grown up now. :)

Annie Coe said...

Your dreams are fucked up :-). I hope the sofa is more comfortable than it looks :-). Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I will get you on mine when I get a bit of time :-).
I am at work :-).

Nina said...

Nice chair. I am glad you are getting a new sofa. Take some ibuprofen. Muaw!

Jennifer said...

you know. I have not thought of a link between my dreams and the moon, but now that you mention it...I will have to keep better track, cause i have been having some wild ones myself.

I like the chair. :)