Monday, February 18, 2008

Richard Belzer...

...was in my dream last night. NO, it was most assuredly not one of THOSE dreams. In my dream we were in Canada on a tour attempting to figure out how to stay without getting caught and booted back home. This is what you get for watching CNN right before bed. The strangest part of the dream was that we were riding in motorized buckets with hand brakes. They were about the same size as oil drums.

Now that we got that out of the way, and you know that I'm absolutely batshit, why doesn't everyone introduce themselves? You can leave comments after this post to let me know who you are, how you found my blog, what you think of it etc (and you don't even have to be nice...). Even if you have no Blogger account you can leave a comment under Anonymous or under your name or alias. My spider senses (and sitemeter) tell me that there are tons of you out there reading me every day. If you're too shy to pop in though I totally understand. I'm rather shy myself (shut up Xris).

And I also need to include a message to Ted, owner of Galileo's Mathbook... I noticed that you de-favorited me from your blog. How rude of you. After I spent the best years of my life slaving under your management, made you extra stuffing every holiday, and dragged my ass out with you when you wanted to go shopping, you go and do that. My heart is broken. It truly is.


Nina said...

Hi! My name is Nina. I like books, crafts, drinking and prescription drugs. I have one cat, no dogs, half a PhD and mild psychosis.

I am a complete loser.

But I love you.

jennyquarx said...

Well I need no introduction. :P

And Ted, refavoritze your Julie please.

Cyn said...

Hi my name is Cynde. I like HP, lusting over hot men, playing with cute animals, goofing off at work and chocolate. If you did not know any of the above then I will be surprised.

Michele said...

hey, I'm Michele... known as "michele-dances" elsewhere. :) I think I have most of my likes in my profile.

I found your blog in your siggy elsewhere. :P