Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Driving Me Crazy, Easier Than One Would Think

Ok, I called my headologist to finally make an appointment yesterday. I can't get in until April 1st. I was stunned. I once made an appointment with her a week out, so it's absolutely crazy to me that she's gotten this busy. Maybe she's actually good. I don't know. But what I DO know is that she pissed me off.
I left a message on her voice mail yesterday to tell her it would be awhile until I could see her, and asked her to call me back so that we could adjust my meds in the meantime. I let her know I was hypomanic, and that it was something of an emergency. I asked for a refill on my Lamictal, because I have no refills left, and I also due to Jennyquarx's recommendation asked for a prescription for Seroquel. Apparently it has fewer side effects than the Invega does, and according to her it's the best antimanic out there. And since as I said I really don't want to take Lithium, I thought I'd ask the doc to give it a try.
She never called back. She's supposed to do her call backs after 4pm. At 738 pm I gave up waiting and finally stopped carrying the phone around. I even ate dinner with the phone next to my plate. I'm pretty pissed. She should know that it's NOT good to keep a crazy person waiting, and that Bad Things could happen at any moment. And I am certifiably crazy. One time when I was severely manic I slammed my head into the refrigerator door so hard I dented it. If you can't believe that let me tell you that I also once slammed a can of sweet potatoes against my forehead so hard I also dented that. The head slamming thing? Probably a way of trying to make the buzzing in my brain stop.
Now, both of those incidents occurred when I wasn't on meds. And both of those incidents followed with the other people in the room threatening to have me committed. It probably would have been a good idea at the time because I would have been diagnosed sooner and put on the proper meds. What scares me now is that if anything of that nature happens again...well...I have a child now, and who would take care of her if I was locked away?
I'm hoping the meds I am on are enough to keep me from tipping all the way into the crazies, but I really think adjustments need to be made. The doctor needs to call back. Today. Or I'll keep leaving messages until I drive her nuts.


Jennifer said...

Hang in there.

And keep calling her until you get an answer.


jennyquarx said...

Your doctor sucks.

That is inexcusable. Any shrink who gets a call, "um yeah, I'm hypo" should take that as an emergency, especially if that patient has a child. Keep calling. Bug the shit out of her. NOT COOL at all. Wish you had access to a better doc.

Big hugs.

Annie said...

Big, big hugs. I have a brother who
is manic/depressive and I have seen
the pain it causes him. Change doctors the first chance you get.

Nina said...

Your doctor sucks. Even my headologist, who is a rock star, will see me on a moment's notice.. If I called her right now and said it was an emergency, she would see me. Calling you back should be no problem.

Cyn said...

Maybe she is out golfing or whatever it is that she does when she is not writing prescriptions. I am sure it is somewhere very important. Perhaps her house caught fire or she is rescuing baby seals from being clubbed? Must be or else she is just a jerk.