Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Devil's Thrift Store

spooky trees

That's where I basically was in my dream last night. Although it was more like a flea market set up. There was lots of stuff outside, hanging from trees, while ghoulish people wove in and out of the displays waiting to see if I needed help. During this little shopping excursion I purchased a red satin corset for $12.99, a ratty looking doll for $4, and a children's book that was warped from dampness and had pictures of the dead in it for .79. I was absurdly happy with my score, and I remember not being able to wait to get home. Home was not to be soon though, as while I was there some "thing" decided to make sure none of us left. Oddly, or not so oddly, Johnny Depp showed up, and while he was attempting to figure out was was going on I left my purchases behind and scurried over a wall to escape. Leaving the purchases seemed the prudent thing to do.

When I got to my home (an apartment without kid and husband) there were no walls. The entire thing was open to the sky and it looked as if someone had set off a bomb. This did not seem odd to me, and even though the curtains were blowing in the breeze (how there were curtains with no windows is beyond me), I settled in to find myself a cup of coffee and found the book I thought I had left behind. I turned toward the open walls and knew the "thing" was coming to get it. Johnny Depp was nowhere to be seen. I had 5. 4. 3. 2. 1 seconds... and then I woke up.

So I can see some things in here that make sense. Manic but thrifty. Searching for bargains. Johnny Depp. It was very Tim Burton in appearance. I'm not certain, however, what the "thing" was. Rage? The Crazies? Buyers remorse? Not any part of me at all? Whatever it was I was filled with terror as well as acceptance that it was on its way, and that to me is disturbing. I always thought I would fight a threat.


jennyquarx said...

Hell, any dream featuring Johnny Depp is a good one in my book.

Nina said...

He didn't propose to you? Meh.

Annie said...

I agree, Johnny Depp even in a nightmare, that is one good dream.
I once had a dream I was at a party and kissing Johnny in a back room, even in a dream he was a great kisser :-).

Anonymous said...

It wasn't the thing coming to get you that is scary...YOU were in a room with Johnny and didn't GO FOR IT! WTF? YOU were with Johnny and he was more concerned about a monster. WTF? These two things make Nightmare, not teh monsta!

Seriously, I get those weird "something I can't see is coming straight for us" dreams all the time. What is ubber creepy is that the locations, no matter how odd, I usually end up finding them/stumbling across them.
When you find that flea market, make sure you share!


Michele said...

Ooo... I been wanting to do this for ages. I'm in a can't-remember-dreams slump right now, so I haven't been able to do this for myself.

I got a copy of Mary Summer Rain's dream book through paperbackswap, been wanting it for years, when I heard it was pretty good.

So, I'm going to look up all the major elements in your dream and write down what they mean if they are in the book. If you want the info, PM me and I'll PM it back unless you want it put here instead. :)

Julie said...

I find it disturbing that none of y'all are remotely concerned with my abject terror, and are instead focusing on the side note that the Depp Man was in the dream for about 30 seconds.


And Michele, that would be awesome! Thanks!