Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is an interpretation my friend Michele did of the Devil's Thrift Store Dream. Enjoy.

You were in a place of opportunity and had people ready to help you. The ghoulish or ghostly appearance suggests to me that these people may simply be people from the past or spiritually connected people. The things you bought signify what you are looking for help with or what you need help with. The red satin corset – you carry a lot of anger around you, but your perception of it is not always in touch with reality or you are overly optimistic that you have a handle on it but really don’t. The ratty doll is your neglected relationships that you need to re-evaluate. The water-damaged children’s book carries a lot of messages… possibly that there’s knowledge that’s been presented to you but you haven’t absorbed it. Though the book didn’t offer this, my experience has been that pictures of the dead usually represent messages from our Ancestors. Knowledge from your Ancestors has been given to you but you didn’t absorb it, perhaps because your perception is warped by anger or fear.

The feeling of some “Thing” that is coming to prevent you from leaving may seem negative, but actually I think it represents that call to face your Truth, that call that seems to always come along to someone who says they want to be authentic; and the Goddess comes and hits you on the head with a two by four, and says “Wake up! Deal with that shit now or it’s just going to get worse!” Johnny Depp represents someone really important in your life, not just the general “helpful people” or Ancestors that have been trying to help you. But someone who really stands out in your life. This person is also trying to help you figure stuff out.

But, in the dream you run away from the helpful people, the stuff you need help with, the opportunities and you run back to the place you think is home. But it’s not the home you recognize. It lacks walls and ceiling… no boundaries or limits. It lacks windows but has curtains… your perception is dulled there, you are in denial. It’s messy like a bomb went off… and you are in mental or emotional confusion while there. In other words, you’ve run away to your innerscape (your mind?), trying to medicate with coffee. You find the book which is the message that what you ran from is still there to help you but now that you ran away, YOU have to be the one to seek out the help since you left it behind. The “thing” is coming and you know deep inside that no amount of running can keep you from facing the issues that you’ve been carrying around (acceptance of the Thing coming) yet you are afraid because you realize that this Thing represents a shake up that is coming, and no one likes to face issues and have their life shaken up, even if in the long run its a positive thing.

So the dream is offering you an opportunity to accept the aid that was in the store/market, otherwise you’ll have to deal with the issues you need to work on in a state of lowered mental function and alone… not the ideal situation!


LizB said...

I am going to have to think about this one a long time; it's an interesting internal glimpse. Thanks for stopping by again; I feel blessed to be making new blog buddies.

Jennifer said...

totally cool.

Michelle, I need you to do one for me please! I mean it.